Going The Wrong Direction

Back when most of us started playing to get a good character you had to either buy or win them. The new reward structure is a huge disappointment. What was wrong with saving your resources till a character came up you liked or needed for your team? With proper planning and saving you could win with out actually spending a dime in the one event that was for everyone. Work the objective bonus points and use your resources wisely and grind out the win to collect the reward that was appropriate for the effort required. Then it was changed to that RNG box and everyone had a chance to get something. How ever if you won you still got the best available rewards. So you were rewarded with what the best prize was. I had no problem with either of those although it was declining rewards. I’m sure most veterans didn’t either cause if you did it right and won you still got the character. Now it’s a tier system that if you win you hey guess what have to come close to winning again to get the best possible rewards. Now you don’t have to save for 1 level up but 2. No real available source for gear other than the league store. That if you plan on leveling more than 1 toon is going to cost you coins to refresh. No coins from leagues so it will cost you real money. All we as players have ever wanted was a fair shot to win a good reward for events we compete in an sacrifice our time and effort doing so. Either FTP or Spender the not the point. The level up was always an equal playing field and you were always rewarded for what you put into it. Now it’s not. Win and win again or take a consolation prize of some garbage obsolete character. Let’s face it why are people simply walking away more and more? There really ain’t much left to play for besides friends and with the new snowflake filter you can’t even talk to them anymore. Thanks for killing it slowly Scopley…


I mean I don’t really enjoy this current level up system but let’s be honest. The people who we winning 1-3 were getting garbage toons. There has never been a toon the caliber of Marlon. If you win now, you can get red Jesus which is the type of toon they were giving from 1-3.

Let’s be honest, if you win one of these, your almost guareenteed Marlon and Rosie.


That RNG just sucks, I grind everything and I mean everything and in those 3 years I have not received a single prem/great toon not one ever, and I’m on a 400 pull for a Prem toon fail, but I will keep on surviving all be it without the smile on my face lol

No I just won and still need another 5k . Either top 50 every level up or top 3 again. It’s simply not as easy as just win 1.

It has to be on purpose.

There’s no way any normal person could put in these changes and idea for a new event with the thinking of improving the game, encouraging spending or getting new players in.

Must be finding a way to drive as many out as possible.

Adult game been heavily sensored.
Leagues lose coins then a Event is announced that requires players to buy 2k Transfer keys.

Get outta here.
This is straight up sabotage.


I understand that… but think of winning an old level up? The toons were terrible. It would have been a red Jesus. Certainly not a marlon. This way, you can either try and get the marlon or worst case you get red Jesus.

The big issue I have with this format is they need to add a smaller collection for maybe five star tokens. Like 1000 medals for 5000 five star tokens. The people who don’t reach 8,000 or have more than 15,000 ijust waste resources. Dumb.


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