Going back to loading screen during a pull


Anyone else since the 27th of August having an issue with opening a pull, or anniversary tokens and in mid open before toon is seen it gose back to loading screen? I’ve yet to see any toons appear, but see some new toons in my roster. I’ve sent alot of support tickets for this, the best answer from support was to take my issue to forum??? Obviously Support dose not care! No shocker.


Never had this issue what phone are you using?


Galaxy s7


I’ve had issues with crashing during pulls. Usually I just message support asking what I got and they can tell me. Then I check my roster to verify they are there. Weird, they couldn’t tell you.



Was the best info support could give me


Did you specifically ask, my game crashed, what did I get from my ____ pull on ____ in _____ region?




Yes I asked just like that.


I have the exact same phone did you get the recent update for the galaxy because thats so weird


Yes, I did the download for the phone. Odd I know


Is it when you do token pulls or coin pulls, because i have had coin problems when trying to pull but they never disappeared from my inventory


They never left my roster, I guess. New Romanov, and Kirkman zek, are in my roster. So I know some have made it. Just can’t get them to give me a detailed list of what I purchased. I’m not asking for my coin back , just a receipt. Going through support just feels like I’m being punked


Well idk what to tell ya friend, good luck to ya and if anything changes please let me know,
Have a great day.


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