Goals of #PU / The Gap

Surprisingly (or maybe not) we can hear some possible future Player Council members already defending new legacy toon Romanov. Calling him a nice and solid toon, but refusing to even consider using him themselves. Is that how the Council will look like? A group of Yes man protecting companies interests?

#PU can not exist for a long period of time based on “we need a better game” idea. Its way too broad. That is why Scopely had asked for 60 days BEFORE they will change anything. So right now according to this agreement #PU should be silent for 60 days. Thats crazy. And after 60 days a new CM will promise something once again asking for a mere 60 days. Cheap tactics really.
But kudos. They just bought two months of compliance for a couple of nice words. Can a have lets say two months of SC sub for calling Scopley the best company in gaming history? Guess not.

As for “closing the gap”. And “scopely’s greed”.

The way I see it the whale part of #PU is asking for a better cannon fodder. They are just bored crushing f2p turn 1 and ask to give f2p players some toons they will crush turn 2. Maaaaybe turn 3. Tops. The same reason a cat is playing with a mouse its about to consume. If you are paying big $ you expect your fun to last a little longer.

At the same time f2p part of #PU is asking for some toons that can possibly help to WIN while facing whale defs. Sometimes. If you are lucky. But WIN. Not only provide “a better gaming experience” to the whales.

Both parts ask Scopely to fix the gap. But they are seeing the gap from different sides.
That’s why f2p part of this forum is calling Romanov trash and the whales are saying he is ok.

There is no such thing as “Scopely’s greed”. Every company is est. to make money. And really think that while they were promising us to ascend every 5* they were telling the truth. Ascend pack by pack, forming metas and offering promos as upgrades to a meta, giving you advantage if you are willing to pay for it. But with some players just throwing money at them Scopely transformed their model into: Promo’s are forming metas and legacies are just handouts to keep f2p from quiting.

Scopely as a company is not forcing you to pay, or to play. Its your own choice. But please be ready for a company (being a business) to take advantage of all your choices.

I mean if you are feeding someone with newborn infants dont expect IT to grow into a nice human being.

Thanks for reading.


Romanov is trash. Everyone I know thinks so, spenders or not. If he is released as leaked, that action speaks louder than vague promises made by the company so far.


I agree about Romanov.
I don’t have him ,don’t even think he is out yet but %500 damage low base attack stat and a tiny burn I saw from the VK Spoilers seems like :poop:
the thing is they have time to change and if they choose not so then folks gonna rageeeee grrrrrrrrr burn them all.(oh w8 he can’t his damage so low).

Who is saying he’s ok?


Way to twist and turn words. If you are referring to me, I never said he was great. He fits a need. He’s the first f2p red decap. So he fills a need for f2p as most don’t have a red decap and just like most needed a blue disarmer with earl.

If they pumped out two legacies a month, he would be much more acceptable. Everyone is just trashing him because the rate of release is so slow.

Another trend that needs to change is too actually give him a chance before trashing him. I haven’t seen any negative posts about Earl and he was getting absolutely destroyed. We all know they won’t change him before tomorrow. Ascend him, try him and then complain.

** Sidenote… I think your putting too much stock into the player council. There should be no difference between a few expressing ideas than the collective on here.


Quite inaccurate.

What I see is everyone thinks he’s a bit underwhelming and should be better.

What you claim is defending this toon is players responding to the overstatement of those saying he’s utter trash. Which he is not. He’s just completely average. An option, in the right hands with the right toons, might be a decent asset. But completely for situational use.

Now if thread starters were more balanced in their statements pointing out pros and cons rather than grandiose inaccurate statements, suggesting no one ever will use this toon, you’d see a more consistent feedback. Instead one has to tell the over emotional thread starter that they are inaccurate for xyz purpose, cause its appropriate to rebalance the conversation before then providing abc inadequacies.


I agree with this 100%. He is trash, but he IS situational


Smart companies prefer customers to stick around and not building a reputation for disappointing their customers are every turn.


Earl was a lot easier to see as being useful for people who just don’t want to complain. It is completely obvious that Romanov won’t help against the current meta which is what the huge issue is.


Completely agree with your last part. I don’t see why this forum shouldn’t be good enough for them to get information. We have tons of it on here. Why can’t they use it?

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Perhaps. I bet if there was an f2p version of Alice he would be useful. Which is the real issue we have right now. Everyone is just looking for the ONE cure because of the slow release. We could have a bunch of pieces to the problem if they kept pumping out the pieces bi-weekly.

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As u know I have Alice but I still don’t think he helps the current situation. Maybe the situation from when she was first released but not now. Maybe I’m wrong and just need help with my roster but I just don’t see it

I dont think @Rickygrimes is saying everyone is going to use him, but he can be used. A need for some is better than a need for none. I accidentally used my 5* ascendable decap sandy as ascendance fodder awhile back thinking it was other 5* red sandy, so I dont have a red decap. Will I use him in my normal attack team? Hell no. But will I throw him on a separate attack for those green/yellow teams that give me issues against my all blue attack? Most likely. Same as ryker. Purely a place to fit him in.


Or player surveys or forum surveys or other… It’s a stall tactic pure and simple.


Well I’m not sure if you have decap Sandy… if you do, I can see why he’s redundant. But if you don’t and you come across a Pamela, Wayland, wayland, Mia, Mia team he would be valuable with mias revive.

Something like Alice, Romanov, Louis (Bruce), Bryan or Piper (for cutthroat if they get inspired or stunned), Magna (impair) or ajax (stun).

I know a couple of players who are beating these negan teams with a similar strategy.

Good ideas, I can come up with similar stuff. I do have Sandy. Thanks I’ll give it a try

Don’t sleep on Piper if your using ajax or Magna. She hits hard if they get impaired or stunned. Unfortunately for the f2p who have sandy, he will be redundant. Which would be fine if the rate of release was faster. It’s just disappointing to wait two months for a legacy and not have any use. They should release a legacy toon every CRW.

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Romanov is only good in the sense his rush only targets one character. As a decap we are missing that especially now with payback around… but the rest needs improvement even for a free character

I’ve been using Piper and I like her a lot. Her turn 2 disarm is pretty useful. Only thing I really hate is the double attack. It can really bite u in the ass

Yea. Stupid payback specialist. They need to push an update where you can control where the multi attack hits go to. Too many toons have been made ineffective due to payback.