Go to the word map

See the tour game and go to word map

Quit posting dbag


Nice job wanker

Yea thanks not there for me,

Respect man. Its only a joke

Its been taken down, doesnt matter now. They know…no secret

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Bruh why is yall ok with scopely doing this.

Whenever we get free stuff yall wanna expose it.

But yall the main ones feeding these dirtbags money. If theres bags. SHUT THE HELL UP. And take the stuff. Scopely always been â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  us over. Yall sucking up and snitching make yall bums for doing this. Accept the fact that they made a mistake and we took it since this event is P2P. So be grateful damn.

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Gov reported this to JB way before it was on here.

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Wait a minute. So why did he speak out against someone snitching about it when he snitched himself? (Sounds like a scummy undercover agent type stuff)

@Gov is off his rocker.


Incorrect. I complained gear wasn’t dropping. Realized was farmable unsent messages. :joy:

Was up a good 90 minutes cause I immediately pulled it down.

Wow you really are a pos

U must have seen bags dropping , didn’t u … don’t say u didn’t understand… it didn’t have the usual food , survivors and log bag glitch @Gov

Hey don’t take it out on Gov. He can’t help being proactive.

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We all do understand… but don’t understand his logic complaining it when he cud see those bags right away

Didn’t I wondered why the walkie was replaced with a bag, I don’t need to explain anything to anyone I know what I said…and within a minute I pulled my messages down.

Cry. Blame me. Idc whatever makes people feel better. I told my entire region to farm it :joy::joy:

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The pathetic part is he reamed another guy out for posting it on forums when Gov already tipped JB off. That’s the way it’s coming to light anyhow.

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No harm , no foul to u man but still … it feels bad to miss an opportunity like this again

Lol, “complained” in meticulous detail and then unsent after JB read, responded and passed it up the line.
Bad as that was, then you go and whore for likes in the other thread because joker “snitched”, like lay off the crack pipe dude


I didn’t get anything :frowning:

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