Gloves OR Shirts, they've been divorced


So with no Boot Camp to top off my Shirts & Gloves needs I had to go back to world stages. In the past I would check the current best spot for one and the other would normally drop comparable numbers. So I checked Gloves and headed to the top stage, 4-2. Quick to run and only 3 energy. But I noticed after 3 runs it was Gloves only, no Shirts. So I checked the Wrinkled Shirts list and turns out there is no crossover in the top 20 spots. So now you have to spend energy getting Gloves then spend energy getting Wrinkled Shirts. Scopely - working hard to find new ways to screw the players.


@kalishane , is this intentional & permanent or accidental & fixable?


I get both to drop for me. I started farming 1.2 since it’s quick and gives about the same amount of gloves and shirts as 7.1 does now. Maybe try farming those changes and see what you get.


Good catch. Just ran it 3 times and got 1 & 2 of them. I checked the top 20 for conjunction and at that rate 1-2 must be pretty far down the list. That is still a horrible reduction in rate versus last week.


I normally run 7.4. Get at least 3 basically every time as well.


Seems like a good change, I have over 2100 gloves but less than 40 shirts, so being able to get more of one is very helpful. If you need both, just switch stages after farming one stage a couple of times


7.1 for me. Gloves shirts and survivors


7 and 13 are unchanged.


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