Gloves and Wrinkled Shirts for 70 coins

Hello guys, I have question.
Offer for 70 coins - 200 gloves, 200 wrinkled shirts and something else was in Monday 21.01 (if I am wrong, tell me - but it was in last days) I did not have enogh gold to purchase them. Now I have.
Does somebody know when it will be again available to buy? Or maybe there are some days when this offer is beeing refreshed?

This offer comes back regularly, so don’t worry if you didn’t get it this time.



I know, I saw that offer before, but I’m wondering, is there some kind of regularity? I mean, every Monday and Friday offer is refreshing.

No regualarity, it just pops up when it feels like. Usually every few hours.


I’ve never noticed a set schedule, but lately it seems to be a weekly offering.

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I came here to ask the same question. Been waiting for that offer since yesterday. Usually seems to be up all the time.

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Maybe we will get some professional information about it when staff from scopely comes here.

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Ecks dee


Idk that u r laughing because of my english or maybe about scopely’s staff. But hope the second.
Im fresh here so, give me some time to hate them, like always in game ppl hate adm.

Awwww how cute, he is new and innocent :hugs:

Yes give it time hahaha you gon learn real fast lolol


It’s the second option, and when you refer to people, tag them, like for example, @Nutcracker

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I asked support. That’s what they said:

I understand that you want to know when the wrinkled shirts and gloves offer will be available. I suggest you wait for in-game announcements and visit the offers from time to time.

So I guess it’s random or Hubert from support doesnt know any better.

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I just farm gear hunt and burn some tanks on it

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Support does not actually play the game, it’s outsourced to some other people. Hence why they are not helpful.


Professional information… Omg it’s 70?! Time to fire someone it’s supposed to be 150!!!:joy::joy::joy:

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The offer is up for me today. Seems to come every other day. It’s one offer I actually hope for regularly. Saves so much time on farming.

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Personally though there are better things to spend your gold on

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I never get this…i just farm for them…currently over 3,000 of each

Beat me only at 1,500 each

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