Gloves and tshirt offer


Where is the offer with gloves and shirt? Two weeks have passed.


Yes I need this ASAP please!! @JB.Scopely
Bring it back


And me :slight_smile:


Yes please


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Sure way to guarantee we spend Scopes is putting that 70 coiner up every week or two. Im 98% F2P but will pay for that. Saves me time i no longer have


Good thing I bought 1000 shirts gloves last time this offer was up amazing deal


Yes! This please


Yep, really need this to be a once a week offer. I’m completely out of the level up without it and spamming story stages for 2 of either a time is not worth the cans or effort.


It’s back. Bought both boxes in both regions. Thanks @JB.Scopely if you sorted this following our request. :sunglasses:


Yes thank you!


It’s limited to 2 purchases, it’s only possible to buy 400 of each, each time when the offer is up?


How on earth was this comment removed as inappropriate? Which fucktard decided to complain about it?


It usually is 2 yes but when I got it there was 4 available


Usually during a level up event you guys post a option to buy shirts and gloves. Can you do this again please?? Thank you!!! #shirtsandglovesneeded


Or you run the worldmap up and down.


Yes the gloves and shirt package is definitely needed. I don’t have enough e to farm for these constantly. Give us the option, please.


Today is new shirt day
rev up your farming engines for the easy gear map.


They are in the shop


You’re in luck, gear map opens later - get grinding