Gloves and shirts shortage

I guess you could consider myself a newbie, only a year into this game. I’m scanning this forum almost daily and am logging into RTS constantly. Every game out there has it’s +'s and - 's. The rewards aren’t terrible, the faction events aren’t terrible, and the solo events aren’t terrible. Which means they could be even more terrible, or could be improved greatly.
The problem I’m encountering is the leveling up (or lack thereof) of toons. Although we have roadmaps and world stages, farming for gloves and shirts is proving to be difficult. We will spend can after can on these stages but only come up with a lopsided number of these items. As mentioned in other posts the addition of these items in the gear depot would be appreciated, and about possibly crafting these items, which would “make wood useful again”.
This post will more than likely be pushed to the bottom of the pile; may gain some positive feedback as well as the negative variety, but I’m okay with that. Maybe Scopely will read this, maybe you will read this, regardless, thank you.


The Boot Camp map on Monday/Tuesday and the basic Gear map on Thursdays provides most of my glove/shirt needs.

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Try 7.4.

By far the easiest way is to farm shirts/gloves on Thursdays and just repeat the roadmap over and over. You can do the other world map levels but the return isn’t nearly as good. If you’re in a pinch, I like doing 4.3 since it’s easy and fast.

It doesn’t answer your request, but until then…


Drop a few cans on the gearmap and you have thousands of these shit. Stop wasting cans on Worldmap and farm them once a week. Prepare to get fucked over by a few other maps thrown in, thats what they like to do on Thursdays.

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Bad as gloves are, I’m in dire straits when it comes to survivors. I used to bank them in legendary training and had approximately 400 days’ worth training between 2x TGs - I’m now down to less than 70 days. It wouldn’t be so bad if the “survivors” map on Sunday wasn’t a complete crock, but there you go.

Agreed. Wish they’d drop increase survivors drop rather than dropping 1* toon.

30 more who cares…

ANd it requires boots / bandanas so if you are short shirts / gloves it’s a decent option

Obtaining the 1350 daily tickets gives more than I could ever burn, even with those constant levelups.

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How are you guys racking up these kinda numbers in training grounds, for real? I have 2 hours left on one of mine and I keep adding a few more survivors every time I finish a sr /world map stage. This is how I’ve been playing the game forever send help.

I have about 4800 shirts and gloves, takes farming the gear map exclusively all day in Thursdays. Sometimes I farm 7.1 for a week or 2 to boost the numbers up.

It sounds like you’re just not active enough or you’re farming a stage with a poor survivor/energy ratio.

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I try to farm the Gear maps but my time available on Thursdays doesn’t work well for me. That’s why I added this topic to the forum. We have gear available in the depot but would just like to see more types.

@nero you need to stack survivors in special training, elite training, legendary training or basic training. Then take them out as needed


Or grind like hell and keep churning out 2* like it sounds as though he’s doing. You can just keep up with 1 TG without cans (or the occasional 1 or 2) as long as you’re on all the time and hit survival road hard.

There’s also one of the very low level scavs that drops a glove and shirt bag, Runner. Just repeat that whenever your scav camp has it up there - you get 3 or 5 of each at a time. It’s not going to solve all of your problems, but it’s a quick boost for minimal effort. As a bonus, if you run it with a citizen in the team, you have a good chance of getting a world energy can on the red bonus text as well.

get your faction to take the right territories (hospital and another one) for bonus survivors. make a blue and yellow team and farm the hell out of 6.6

If you have 1 training ground running to create random 2* (training option 1 through 4) you need 480 (24 * 4 *5) survivors a day to keep it running. 6.6 should give you enough shirts/gloves and survivors to do this. Yes, boring as hell but it gets the job done. If you run low on shirts/gloves you could do the gear roadmap on Thursdays to refill

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There was a time where we were getting 2 of the weekly roadmaps on the weekends. I liked that idea because you could farm what you needed. This would hold truer with the gear map during the week so players can focus on that rather than having to sacrifice their energy towards one or the kther