Global Chat Removal



But is it dumber then the ones who can’t find the “X” in the top right?


We have dumpster fires involving bowel movements, comparing people to bowel movements, Things you shouldnt do to a farm animal, and Vitriol enough to power every nation for life.

Like any popular game’s world chat.


Watch war and event scores, then reach out via pm. Recruiting from global is begging to allow a giant troll to pollute your faction, as that’s all that seems to reside there.


You’re right. But trolls could even come from the war and events board. Only way to know who a player is add them to line after forming trust with them.


Problem is you get pms from across the region, “did you see what so and so said?”. Even if you stay out of global the trolling and bullying will find you.


Yeah lines what we use. Maybe use gc to know who NOT to add.


Removing gc is stupid. The gc in my region is actually fun and friendly. We have a troll or two but they are actually funny and amusing. If your gc is poison just ignore it


Global chat is a shithole.

and like all shitholes, I just avoid it.


Lol you political raccoon you. :joy:


Global chat is like a tv station or radio station you don’t like. Don’t listen then and change the channel. If you don’t like it then don’t go there. Why ruin it for people who actually like it. I know a few people where if they did not chat in global they might get bored and quit. And these are top 50 guys.


I don’t understand.


Well I guess they could add a “safe space” chat where everything is censored all the time to make sure that nobody gets their feelings hurt?

To access it you would need to change your name to include the term “snowflake”


I’d rather the trolls be in global than them filling up by sending private messages! Good knows I’ve had a few.


You know we be watching
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This has been a topic for numerous times.
Just ignore global chat or just block people.

You can do it, son! :slight_smile:


You can always hit menu if you don’t want to see chat…


What do you mean reset?


You have to be involving yourself in the drama somehow if you are receiving PM’s about global chat.

I will visit global occasionally just to see if anything is going on, but pretty much stay away. I don’t have any issues with anyone sending me PM’s.

Not sure why so many waste their time and worry about something they can just stay away from and not be involved with.


I think what was meant by “reset” is if you block someone and they change their name they become unblocked and you have to keep blocking them.


That is not the case though. Once you block someone in global chat, even if they change their name, they’re still blocked in global chat