Global Chat Removal



Global chat has been one of those things that in-game are either a hit or miss. You can start up the game and decide to go into global chat and people will be talking about the walking dead itself, sports, and in-game events among tons of other topics. However, more often then not global chat has become a place where players will demonize other people in-game. When this happens it is an extremely nasty sight to behold. People will be attacked for not being as good as other people in the game, they will be personally attacked, and messages of encouraging suicide will be brought up. Global is also a place where the topic of sexual acts seem to pop up very frequently, the excessive details that people will express in chat are sickening and are a huge deterrent for many players to engage in conversation outside of their faction. This is why I suggest that global chat be removed, not only as a way to remove an ongoing problem that has not been addressed since launch but also a way to improve the overall enjoyment of the game to its many players.


Global chat is good to taunt other factions during war.
This is why the blocking feature has been created.


Yes but the blocking option is not enough. A lot of times the people on your blocked list will be reset so you have to do it all over again.


So it has to be improved but I think global canal is a part of this game (as a multi-player game).
The real problem is that Scopely don’t care about harassment and bullying and ain’t do s*** when we report it on the forum or elsewhere.


Our GC is silent often til war (paulding)… new regions are full of spam and kiddos askin for sex… its terrible.

If you have something going on in GC besides sex spam or silence… be glad.


Some regions gc are good some are bad. However u have the choice to never look at gc if u dont like it


Yeah. But that’s why I think it should just be removed. If they cant be bothered to fix it then they should just get rid of it. Harassment and bullying happen all the time in global and I have seen people only talk in faction chat or not talk at all as well as quit the game outright because of it.


If you report them as cheater scopee will do something about it. Otherwise they will not act nor enforce anything.

All global chats since history of human race have been full of random useless stuff and trash talking kids who get turned on by mouthing off.


If anyone has a suggestion on how to improve it though I would like to hear it.


Or better yet, instead of removing it outright from everyone how about giving us the option to remove it ourselves. On other chat services, you can remove a particular chat tab that you no longer want to be a part of, and since your not in that chat you cant see the messages or post in it. What if we had something like that? This way we can remove the problem ourselves if global is becoming a hindrance to our experience in-game.


Sounds like OP is in a newish region… GC dies over time… paulding is a little over a year old and our GC is dead… likely ur GC is younger…



Naw my region has been around for a long time. I haven’t been there as long though. But the people there that start stuff like that over there just never quit.


Get rid of GC and how would you be able to recruit people? Smh…


This is a adult game supposed to be 17+to play. So the language and other crap can be hash. It’s like the real world if you want to be in a safe place don’t go into global just like real life don’t go outside your bubble.
That being said what others have said GC dies just like the region after awhile.


I think there should be an option in the setting that allows you to “Disable” GC so that you dont have to deal with blocking everyone that talks. Or change so that once the game updates it doesn’t clear your blocked list


Other games use a system where you actually have to “earn” the right to speak in gc (or whatever the equivalent is), like you have to reach a certain level of daily activity and you get rewarded with X number of daily uses or whatever.
That’s not to say that it actually improves what’s said there, if anything it just increases the number of “Recruiting ---->” posts, but it does stop new accounts from just signing up and trolling. …mostly.


The game opening is to the faction chat it also has a awesome “X” in the top right, to close the chat box. Never even needing to see anything in global.
I’m saddened to say the ones who are butt hurt over global are probably fellow Americans. So easily offended sheltered pussies!


There’s a very simple solution. Don’t open or read global chat. No one is forcing you to.


I think they should give us the opinion to have our own profile pics in chats so that the Ugandan army can finally find da way to survival


Do you know how dumb you sound? Lol.