Global chat on fire with fighting over dropped teritories


Recently global chat on two of my regions has been a texting all out war between players arguing about factions who drop teritories so walkers overrun them. People have been talking about this for quite some time now and with the introduction of leagues the fighting has gone put of hand. The reason is when clearing walkers you waste time, energy and you don’t get awarded league trophies. Some factions agree with leaving a weak team so crit teritories can get recaptured easily, however others feel they need not do this and are too greedy to let their teams pose stamina.

A solution to this should be that a penalty incur when a territory is abandoned. Perhaps a loss of energy, stamina or a time lock of a certain hours before you can attempt to recapture the territory you abandoned? Whatever the case scopley needs to address this, OR DO THEY WANT TO SEE MORE PEOPLE BANNED FOR “IN GAME HARRAMENT” due to the conflict this creates? Hmmm


What regions you in ?


The even easier solution is to make clearing walkers count for league points too


That makes too much sense scopely won’t understand dude


same in my region. we’ve about 90% of territories with walkers. no one is wasting energy to give others league points.
As said before, giving points to clear walkers is the easy fix


But, as has been noted on other threads, this goes against all the fundamentals of how points are scored in leagues - namely from PvP competition.

I think there are, more complex, but more logical solutions

Easiest one is to remove territories from league scoring altogether.

Another would be that the walker numbers start low, but increase. So if someone drops it to walkers, it would only take one or two energy to capture it straight away, but this slowly increases to the 500 (or whatever) walkers over a period of hours. Actually sort of reflects what would “realistically” happen. You would still get people dropping territories, but it would be really easy to pick them up quickly afterwards - minimising the energy waste on clearing walkers.


The problem is the leagues is they are not real and people are falling for it. Just another con.
More active players see this as easy points and don’t care about long term effects on the lower factions who see getting territories as them being good enough to play with the big boys.


Or it’s another way to continue making the game more interesting? If the game doesn’t evolve it will die.


League’s are just a gambling way of controling people Misdirection. Whys there’s only 50 in your solo league and no else from your region? Bet your in the top ten and you haven’t done anything different but you feel like you have. Well I do think its Evolving in to a different game altogether a slots or pokers type game. Just check out any of the new offers


Lol at this :point_up:


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Same thing here


Sure, from SR-Tourneys!! They are soo much PvP!!! Cant handle the PvP here, help plz…

I try to offer my old idea here again: Let us make the walker maps for free. This is the only way to repair the territories. Because time is cheaper than energy.


The exhilaration of combat I feel as
I blast through five Burts with a 6* team is worth more than the thirty trophies or whatever it is.


After this and wwe it’s there bread and butter. Most there other games are slots and poker type games. I don’t see why they wouldn’t use the same tactics here.

For me if territories should work like faction assault but with players def teams on the road. Better rewards wouldn’t hurt too. 5 stars or 4 star tolkens no longer hold much merit for holding in the 6 star world.


You get points for your position, relative to other players. Not rocket science…


It’s semantics, but then wouldn’t level ups also be pvp in that sense? Calling sr and territories pvp is a stretch imo


5* maybe, but definitely not 4*.
I’d rather have elite tokens


I don’t disagree that Level Up could also be considered PVP in that sense. I suspect Scopely have their reasons - most of them being that Level Up scores can be huge without being reliant on high levels of spending.

Territories definitely is - you are battling against other player’s teams - albeit that these usually consist of Benedicts or 1 star toons with reflect weapons rather than anything of any great challenge.


We’ve got an old troll in our region who purposely comes in and kicks the territories to walkers, sad really… and the more they complain in gc the bigger the laugh the loser gets… Not much can be done about it except start putting war defense in these territories