Global chat mods


Surely there is some way to employ mods on global chat who can mute or ban players from global

I remember playing a game about 5 years ago now called Spartan wars and that had global mods who could ban players from global chat

Below is an example of why this is needed @kalishane @Dash @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @WhoTheHellDoiNeedToTagToGetThisAddresed


Same guy that violates every region and scopely is doing absolutely nothing.


Thanks for reporting guys.

I will be working with IUGO on this but – I will preface it with the fact that we are more focused on cheating now so it will probably take some time to feel change.

That being said – I will do everything in my power to help speed this process up.

Thank you!


Btw thanks so much for taking care of cheaters on Spanish regions