Global Chat - Block


Is there a way to block the comments of a particular from showing on global chat? The block button doesn’t seem to work


You have to hit the message itself, then hit block. hitting the block button under send message on a profile only blocks them from sending messages to you


Thanks a lot! It worked!


Haha no worries, I made the same mistake when I started


I have been playing almost a year :confused: but never needed to block anyone


I never put together a block list until recently. I had about 7 people on it. Now it is empty. The list erased itself. Did this happen during an update or something? I don’t get what happened.


Global is poison. Best to stay out. If you go in, expect the worst.


There are periodic updates that clear your inbox. So this seems possible. I do remember once having someone on that list but it’s since been reset somewhere down the line.


It resets with every update.


I’ve only ever used it once. Wow, that really defeats the purpose of it’s existence doesn’t it? lol