Global and faction chats do nor work

Hello. Maybe someone can help me with my problem. I cannot use ingame global and faction chats.
In chat form I see endless spinner with ‘Loading more messages from server!’ message. There is another message in chat textbox: 'Failed connecting with chatserver! Please try again later!'
I am playing TWD:RTS in Bluestacks emulator v. I saw this issue several days ago, before app 9.0 upgrade.
I like playing TWD on PC because my handy is too weak for game.
First of all I reinstalled the game, than I reinstalled Bluestacks (several different versions), I tried it so on another PC - issue was not solved. I check game with my linked account on smartphone - chat was working correctly. But I’d like to play this game on PC. I am sure that I’m not alone who plays TWD on Bluestacks. And I think problem of such sort is wellknown by devs. Please, tell me is it possible to fix this issue

UPD: I changed emulator to MEmu v.3.6.2 but nothing changes. I suppose may be my outer IP is in chat-server ban list or something like that

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@kalishane, @Shawn.Scopely
Sorry, guys for disturbing You privately, but can You please assist me with issue above?

Here is another thread about the same problem. I’m not sure it will really help though.

Good luck.

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TY, bro! Lord bless You!

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Did U get it fixed? A faction mate of mine is now having the same issue. How did u fix it?

Hi. No, I tried everything from my side and I`m sure that issue is from Scopely side. At last I wrote letter to their tech support and receive answer, that they do not support PC emulators - mobile devices are welcome but emulator’s issues of any sort are my own problem. So I leave this as is. As for me, broken chat is not the worst issue :slight_smile:

Consider it a blessing. Most GC isn’t worth the time.

Lol, buddy! I suppose that GC is an extra feature in this game. But it’s hard to plan group actions w/o faction chat, isn’t it?

Most factions use line or Kik in my experience. My fc is literally down to a few messages a week. Line has 100+ a day.

But I hear ya. :slight_smile: