Glitch In territory

My faction held two territories and the last 10 minutes with all our teams still up we were all of a sudden kicked out and thrown from the territory and not one single notification and teams all at full health? Anyone else having this issue. I want my 250 cakes. Fix territories already.

My faction was also kicked in the last min with 30k still in… who’d have ever guessed the territory event would be bugged

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Must be a glitchy bug yet again. Shocker.

as far as i know this is working exactly as intended, its been happening since the start of territories along with the “random” crashes that cause people to just not be able to use territories at all

Same topic here

We had same issue. Over 50k in defence in there and then we got kicked out.

Yup kicked 60k worth of teams while under attack from others. Luckily had 2 hrs left still so could retake but it still bull we had to waste the time and resourses

This happened to us half way into the event. 3 of us that were online that time with 3 strong teams each left in (plus others that didn’t say anything in chat), suddenly had all our teams ‘removed’ and the territory passed to the other faction. The weird thing was, was that all three of my teams were still in the territory despite the fact that the other faction had gained control, so they weren’t removed in the traditional sense, they just stopped counting as being a defending team…

@GR.Scopely so can we look into this and compensate those who lost out of the cakes because of this?

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