Glenn’s bandana


…it is on the left arm, or in the right arm? :joy:BB347994-28FB-48E7-B70C-1D77574E66D0D09785DE-560C-42A7-BBAB-4C671262FED2


If you use Rick, he just continuously shifts his missing arm from left to right, to left, to right…
It’s the same for the scars of Sandy, Carl, Dwight.


Poor Kenny. Got a Cane up his ass :sleepy:


They are just mirrored graphics no big deal we can live and survive with these :slight_smile:








you should demand a refund


Then, i think it’s why in the tv show Rick is not amputated :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
It’s too expensive cut and sew continuosly Andrew Lincoln’s arms :joy::joy::joy:


watafac lol