Glenn or Wyatt?


Need some advice, should i ascend Glenn or Wyatt? I have Carl as lead but hoping for a really strong defensive team. I have 6* eze, yellow negan, and shiva. I also have a couple of shield michonnes and lee. Learning towards wyatt because of his pain split and hold the line, but glenns command might be more useful. Another option i have is Beta. Not sure, any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.


Bêta is trash.
Wyatt should be ascended first imo (especially if you already have a melee command like Brianna or Heath)


if you looking only for defense Wyatt is better but Glenn is useful both in attack and in defense and if you already have stun on attack or ap down weapon you can give it straight to Glenn while you have to craft new special weapon for Wyatt…depends what you need more


Is Beta really that bad? His stun is only for 1 turn but his retribution 2 seems decent. He wasnt really in the running but i didnt think he was horrible. I do appreciate your opinion though.


You can’t rely on a character’s death to get a benefit from it. Bêta was completely failed by Scopely, that’s sad. Beside, his stats are meh.


Glenn, great for offense or defenss

Wyatt is nothing special.


Both glenn and wyatt


Glenn over wyatt any day of the week he can hold whatever weapon you have while wyatt can’t. If you have a bunch of stun on attack weapons i would also include beta in it. People have to be creative and make the proper adjustments for special toons like beta at least he is someone who could pop first behind Glenn command.


Some people put stun on wyatt weapon seems easy enough


I havent been able to even get 1 stun weapon yet. Failed way more than 40 times trying to get a stun gun. Thats with the 30% success bonus from the territories.


I dont have wyatt but my wife does… both are valuable. Glen first then wyatt imho. Especially if your main team is melee.


Thanks everyone for your advice. Glenn it is.


Study each AR first I think Wyatt needs alot of Adens to be useful.


Why ask this if you already knew who you were going to choose in the first place? Everyone knows they’ve been a wait’n for Glenn for months. Lol


So does Glenn though. He starts out only giving 35 atk and def x 2 turns


Glenn doesn’t need Ulysses since his active skill sucks… So you save there…


I didnt know, which is why i asked. I was leaning towards Wyatt but since people recommended Glenn, i went with him.


Fair enough. :slight_smile: