Glenn : finally!

Stash coming soon with him. Nicely done Scopely !

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Yes yes yes very nice

Serious? Pics?

This clacrews the people who don’t have Carl yet

I’ve been clacrewed!

But is it depot or the rather uncommon gather glenn as rumors seem to be claiming? Any idea?

The speculation will continue for another 15 hours.

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Damn so he doesn’t drop for another day?

I do think it will be “a larger world” Glenn. They usually use the old avatar to build the new one, so based off these similarities:

  • the clothes are more brown than grey
  • it’s a cap, not a beanie
  • axe, not bat
  • the buff part of his AR

I could be wrong, but that’s why I don’t think it’s gatherer Glenn.


I thought the same thing when I very first saw his leak but then later we get the ascendable promise list and the depo Glenn name was in the list so am pretty sure its the depo Glenn.

It says here “A Larger World.”


And the speculation continues. Mwahahahaha

If it’s not a larger world people are going to be so angry


But this is Scopely the words “trust”,“trustworthy”, “believable”, "honest"can and probably never will be used with them.

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Yeah @ what’s up with that u guys changed it from the one in the depto to the gather Glenn this is t cool at all I know a lot of people that already bought and had the original Glenn from the list lvled up and ready to ascend him when he was released now u go and change it on us not right at all and we want an explination

The list says “A larger World” Glenn. Not "Road to survival"
If it is Gatherer Glenn I’m gunna be super pissed. Along with most of this community.

Quit playing it’s depot Glenn.

Are you talking to me???