Glass Shards collection COMPLETED ... now what?

Im rallying the mobs as we speak :crazy_face:


Well, ok for this time … Don’t make it a habit !



You hit multiple 2.1mil and 3mil milestones right?

According to the community, that’s not F2P :man_shrugging:

Ftp have not completed all the collections early, let alone weeks early. Try again.

I’m active. I farm. I war a lot. It was certainly completable for me ftp.

I collected all the gear and passed on that :poop: of a toon

Certainly completable for me too.

But if the argument is that most events don’t allow “large number of people” to finish weeks before ending, you’re certainly seeing that “large number of people” disagree with you because constantly hitting 3mil milestones is out of their reach.

No im seeing a couple ppl who refuse to believe that others can and have completed all the collections ftp weeks early. And they’re so upset with the idea that this is even possible that they choose to not only call those ppl names or tell them to get a life, but also argue relentlessly for them to miss out on rewards they’ve earned.

Can and most are worlds apart. Try again.

We 100% need to add to the current collections for those that have completed. I grinded events, spent zero dollars and finished all collections last week. If they do not add more collections, that will be three weeks of event rewards that are absolutely useless.

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I need about 2k or more shards to complete all collections. Ftp here.

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