Giving out s-class was a huge mistake

I am a casual myself , enjoyed the game … well a long time ago . But like everyone else o thought s-class for everyone sounds nice . But we all know s class is something nobody wants , I think we can agree on that . BUT giving those out for free broke every deffence and offense in my opinion . I have a decent offense team which I run for months now . But this s class James is just broken AF . My DEFFENCE lead is getting wiped out almost instant . Raiding is no fun anymore . like everything else this is UNBALANCED as well now . Thanks scopely for this genius move ONCE AGAIN !


Yea its annoying, i even have a shield and my michelle takes a beating, shield should honestly not allow other damage like line or collateral damage to bypass it


I know right , I run Andrea SC as lead . Which was a perfect balance between enough defense to stand long enough and the ap bonus supported my buffs and damage dealer .

don’t worry
new s class shield 2 coming soon
defends attacks and also rushes and anything else u can throw at it (kitchen sink, money, false odds)


They could have given us 10 freebies for variety. That would have stimulated demand from p2p more than trying to beat 1 out of 1. 2 choices. Smh.

Is James that good? I’ve seen him on some defences and he hasn’t done much damage to me

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S class is way too Op. You can’t just introduce a few… it’s insane. Cristã will be one shoting any toon on defense in a few months once she is t4.


Let’s not just single out the two free ones,?i agree with you though. So I guess they’ll need to be a double S class to handle these s class toons

She will , but only bs 2fp players. P2p will be stocked with op sclass to this time, and she will do nothing.

lol everyone got the same opportunity to have those toons. yet people still complaining. give them sclass and theres a complaont. dont give them sclass and theres a complaint.

hmmm… i seem. to be complaining about complaining


is see his point, yet i dont feel sorry… with james in the right sorrounding you beat almost every spender 6*-team. so players who spent a lot of money for their overpowered roster are now set back, like in the beginning of the 6* era

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You know something is wrong when 99% of all teams have James/Christa on it. My first move on Raid is usually just have James attack the leader, then use command, then have james attack the leader again. Collateral damage everywhere

So you think one S Class will balance the game against the players spending? When have spenders gotten toon sthat had 2x-3x the stats? Give me a break. Wake up.


at the moment it does. but im pretty aware this will only last a short time. at least when you face 3/4 s-class with your james/christa you have no chance

The moment won’t last much longer. The S Class toons don’t even need rushes. A defense down toon and they kill gen 2 with normal attacks.


cant say anything against that :wink:

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I would say this is even worse in new regions and new players. They may celebrate about having Christa or James, but then war or raiding comes and wow everyone else has one too. Oh and they one shot any defence I put up. What Fun.

So you’d rather face teams of 2+ S Class characters with outdated characters? Nah I’m good.

I run an all yellow team and I’ve never done better in this game lol. Everyone always complaining when scopley does rare good things. The game is always adapting man and as players we are suppose to adapt with it. Its what makes it fun and different just saying man.

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Yeah he is good simply because of his collateral damage.
I think most people levelling his active skill was a mistake. He uses it on turn 2 because if he didnt most teams would have had half their members wiped out

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