Giving away Rep this holiday season


Rank 11 giving away my rep. You want some? Well here’s how you get it…

  1. Be in Morgan region
  2. Carry food

First 5 hits I will gift you 125 rep. Hit 6, you will gift me your food. Isn’t giving great!

Why you ask? Because it’s the holiday season? For end of year tax write offs? Because I’m bored? Because none of it matters? Does knowing really matter?

That’s my holiday plan.



Tempted to hit up Morgan now, but a merger would be more convenient


our top 2 would welcome any change. We just want to compete. Few just collect just to collect.

Compete for something worth it of course.


Couldn’t agree more


I already gave away about 2k rep,its the season to be giving .sure! its not because i’m bored…I enjoy fighting the same team combo with my non premiere team.


I’m secretly sabotaging players defense teams by making them think they are better then they are.

You know kill a few toons then retreat. Leave a sliver of health left on one.

After all, a bad defense is the gift that keeps on giving.

…I mean I’m being philanthropic


Lmfao…some jedi mind fuck here…this guy is a mastermind.


I’ve been giving away rep every time. I always put up Rosa for my faction members to use. :smile:


You can see if the enemy retreated. Same with timeout.


Is there a rep to dollars conversion? If so, I will reinstall the game.


Well then there goes that thought.

In either case I’ve donated around 1500 rep thus far this season. Too those lucky recipients I thank you for your food donation. Please keep the giving coming. We must fill the food pantries for the winter hobos… Er less fortunate persons.