Give us more things to spend Season Tokens on... please?

Bought all the characters in the store again and still sitting on 100k tokens. How about a few more characters to potentially buy?


Must be nice


Seems like you got a REAL problem here. Please help this fellow.


I bet they raise the price lolz

Do what I did and go wandering for a season. It’s alot of fun.

How many here can say they also have 100k tokens?

Hacker detected.

I’ve never bought a character out of the store and I only have 80k… probably working from the very bottom after transfers didn’t help

That’s what I was waiting for, a price increase, but it hasn’t come yet. If it does I guess I’m prepared When transfers 1st went live I had grand designs on doing that, then jumped to my 1st region and never left there lol.

Try milestones and in diamond but love the baseless accusation.

I’m not in Diamond League, so who am I to judge? :smile:

Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

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