Give us Exact info for the upcoming event before they happen. And some advice

When to start
Both faction raid and solo level up

What kind of prize

How can we collect more wood nuggets before deadline

True game developers like me and my teammate we have no holidays

Do the right stuff before finish your 9-5 routine

Even the forum is below standard

Already mentioned we understand f2p players are more important now for you get more advertisers are big spender

And you want us to log in everyday yet stay online as much as we can for business purpose

Then don’t trick us
Treat us better.

We are not paid for being hijacked 24hrs. And all kind of your bugs with androids forced a lot of players to quit.

Be professional. Scopely




Also. See there is faction assault. Prize ,activities and events for weapons crafting . Territories bugs. And Bruce make faction assault which not launched long ago look 90% stupid. And to collect Tara make it 100% fully ridiculous.

And what is there will never get any 6stars other than ascendance 5stars( and never from the wheel or stash whatever). And only from existing one. Than what’s going on.

Scopely you guys ain’t as smart as you think

You love to play with us
For sure we can make your day
Really memorable.