Give us a way to get Harlan

Never thought I’d hear myself say that! But, c’mon add him to the 5* wheel or ascension list or the supply depot… or all 3! Roxie isn’t even op so I’m not sure why Harlan is being withheld. Add this to the list @ whoever is picked for the player council.

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Somehow I don’t have Jessie or Harlan and I have pretty much every bad 5 and 6.

While you’re at it guys, a roadmap that gives Blue flags would be nice



I’ve been waiting for the wheel to change for quite some time…


Mine is T3, I’ll inbox you him since i have no use for him or Roxie

I am 10 flags away from getting axel. Also of note is the fact axel will also require flags to upgrade.

Scopely needs to allow weekly roadmaps to make this achievable. Please and thank you!!!

Those roadmaps are pretty hard also, failed a few and gave up sometimes as it was a waste of energy and the rng on the black flags is annoying

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Only 320k? That’s nothing

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Have jessie. Have harlan. No kites

Ascended 20+ tough 4-star toons but still no Jessie around. :pouting_cat:

Do you need the black flags to upgrade him? I am only seeing red one here.

Those are kites which are needed to claim, 10 kites of the color trait. You need black f.lags + the color of the trait, so red f.lags for Axel to upgrade him

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Red flag , blue flag, green flag, black, I just need some more flag maps!

Yes kites need those!

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Only way to get those is with :moneybag:

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How you inbox a toon

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