Give us a GOOD legacy ascendable now

The time is now Scopely. Show is your commitment to making things better. This won’t solve everything but it will at least show us your somewhat taking us seriously. We do not want to wait weeks or months for things to improve. We needed it months ago! Come on, let’s see something


I wouldn’t mind if SR Zeke was made ascendable


Yeah, he was my favorite back in the day. Bruce Allen Cole is kinda similar though

They’ll release revive hershel but make him subpar like hunter is now

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We need attack toons so yeah, they’d probably do that


Really? Never knew this about you… :wink:

p.s. I bet if you said “please” we’d have one by Monday


Nah, enjoy using Eric and Donnie for the rest of time.

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Wouldn’t mind having Romanov being made ascendable.


They are gonna release 2 more extremely OP toons and then a legacy toon that will be so average.


It has to be something to help control all these turn 1 promos that they have released over the past few months. Something like cole, maybe instead of taunt give them confuse. Bc a turn 3 active skill that taunts, confuses etc… has hardly any benefit. By then, you are in too deep of a hole to get out of.

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this! @JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely i dont know if scopely knows how fusking boring this game is now for a f2p player… my 3 best toons now are league season exclusive character number 4, number 5 and… wait for it… league season exclusive character number fusking 6! and then its eric and douglas… its 3 motherfusking seasons without a decent toon for ftp not from your store! boring!


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