Give the #1 overall 8v8


We? You’re in Vendetta.


i don’t really have any sympathy for vin and think they brought this situation upon themselves one way or another as a result of their own decisions (regardless of whether or not scopely spelled things out for them up front – how anyone could expect that much from them is beyond me though).

that being said, scopely should probably change it so regions changing from 8x8 to 6x6 only happens at the conclusion of a season.


So then the best thing to do would be to PM @JB.Scopely instead of posting here huh? We’ve found a resolution!



No! Let the gifs continue!


Best thing to do would massively protest to open up dekalb, JD, the other one that starts with an E… ummm… idk cant remember… anyway… bring the real fun out release more chaos and … #releasethepanic


Can we please make this a thing? Like let’s make it trend… I kinda like it #releasethepanic :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wait, that would mean the dude talking about running is in the group that transferred out of Wilkinson when they matched AP! Say it ain’t so!


And that’s why dead end and legacy crumbled because neither of you have any idea what being a team is


Added a gif for you! Lol


Isn’t that what you do always? I mean it’s kinda sad when @JB.Scopely called you out on your ego after losing






His original post was him crying because the super no1 faction deserves special exceptions because they deserve it


insert salty sandwich sticker here


Not at all.

It’s detailing a design flaw and how it has directly impacted us.


Woulda made everyone see that.

Has no one here ever written a persuasive essay? Or is everyone just a graduate of troll school.









This thread should be dedicated to nic cage gifs now.