Give the #1 overall 8v8


Okay so if you didn’t leave because of them and thats true, I have no reason to not believe you, let me ask you this since
your faction in Morgan is high active.

Would you leave if they came to Morgan?

Or would Morgan magically become inactive enough for you to leave right as they showed up?


I havent read whole thread… far too lazy and busy atm… but… my fac is diamond league despite being 4 short, in dead region, and 6vs6 would have been a god send for us! We ALWAYS have 6 but there are time we get stuck at 6. Other we have 15… you say transfer or recruit but we arent open to transfer and a dead region means not many to recruit. We are lucky we have the loyal and dedicated people we have. Lucky we have a fam willing to stick it out while waiting for transfers… until then again 6vs 6 would have been nice! Especially since we were facing some of the oldest regions! Nice job scopely … protecting new regions my arse! Face the oldest in leagues, onslaught, crw… but no just stay there bored to death with no options… kewl


Of course I knew. No matter where we would go we would drive people away. That’s like saying if you go stand in the shower and turn the water on you’ll get wet.


Good to see you patched that hole you’re ego had after getting a mudhole walked dry on your ass. Now float away til you fail like you always do when it counts


There is no magic… Morgan is on its last lifeline … as sad as it is some factions will empty out any region it joins … in my humble opinion region transfers in one way or another will kill this game for many many players


Frankly I’m surprised nobody has gotten “threatening” messages about notorious coming to their region to pillage and plunder. The anger and animosity being displayed here by VIN people is a prime and outstanding example of why nobody wants to be in a region with them.

It’s a bit ironic how this 6v6 is a strange sort of a checks and balances system for egos. If you make it so that nobody wants to deal with you, everyone leaves, you end up 6v6, then you lose at leagues. Not being an asshole is part of the equation for winning leagues, it’s genius.


Please open up our region… I want to petty fight too!!! :joy::joy::joy:


But yet you somehow are judge, jury, executioner, and somehow moral compass when it comes to stick your unwanted face into others business? You should genuinely consider worrying about yourself and your faction you gassed up ego ridden tool.


OMG do you even read what you write.

Even for you this is over the top. Truly pathetic.


Designed to balance egos.

Apparantly for all but the biggest bs artist around.




Jack you want an ego check look at this

You’re way down there after getting flat out beat. Like you got your milk money took man. You are fluffing up again after your biggest challenge is not biting your tongue off tapping your phone screen trying to get in a match. It’s mind numbing


Why are you posting screens of the accomplishments of others?

Nevermind, don’t answer that. Carry on.


You’re going to answer it anyways aren’t you? Here it comes…



For the same reason you sit and flex your digital dingus in chats. A teams a team, we’ve had 6v6 the last two CRW’s and you aren’t even pre gaming at the stadium. We are still beating legacy what’s that say about you that you can’t win with an advantage. Ohhh kinda like when you had 100% attack towers and could beat notorious in war either lll. Fluff up dude cause you’re gonna need padding when you lose again


You really love trying to drag things into an argument eh? Which one have you spent most of this season in? Notorious or vendetta or infamous?

Have you considered this is why you guys get no sympathy? If someone disagrees with you, it’s full on mud slinging and shit talking. You guys brought this discussion to a public forum, not an echo chamber. There will be varying opinions. As for the rest of this, it’s almost like you equate the worth of a person with their performance on a phone app.




So what you’re saying is it’s just like trying to talk sense to you? Nobody wants your sympathy or anyone else’s we want competition plain and simple and the fact youre just like other teams who claimed they wanted that and then ran just proves everything you type is a joke, you got beat you ran, when we meet again, you’ll run and try to puff up again. It’s rinse repeat with you, you type a big game but when it comes down to your words don’t back up your actions.






I’m sorry super bored and trying to bring comedic relief… no offense meant to either party :heart::heart::heart: