Give the #1 overall 8v8


The season is almost over. You joined a dying region at the tail end of seeding, against the advice of others. There’s a difference.



I’m fairly certain we’ve established “rep” is about as useless as your constant whining about how “unfair” everything is.

Like, move or Stay and STFU about how you’re constantly getting fucked over by $copely.

I’m not sure if this is accomplishing anything besides cementing the fact that a majority of the RTS community is fed up with VIN’s near constant complaints about things they could’ve avoided.




Generally, rules for something shouldn’t change midway through. I think the fact that it was 8v8 when they moved there is a valid argument. How were they to know it would be changed to 6v6. I’ve seen Jack’s argument about dead regions always being 6v6, but Morgan was pretty dead pre-transfers, and we never had 6v6.



I definitely agree that it shouldn’t have been changed to 6v6 mid-season, but that’s not up to the players. Wanderer’s initial post was basically blaming people for leaving them alone in Troup, when Troup had a fraction of the activity Morgan does even now when we left it. As I said, foresight would’ve been helpful for them here.



I don’t think his original post was blaming the people who left, he was merely asking for the 8v8 to be reinstated.



LOL again.

If this occurred to your crew tomorrow would you stand idle and not bring light to the design flaw.

Amazes me yall want to blame players than bring attention to the flaw so it gets handled to prevent this from happening.

Hate on Vin all you want. We don’t run from issues. We tackle them head on.

I supposed when the survival road was launched with ridiculous energy caps and cool down I shoulda sat idle.

I suppose when war cans were removed, I shoulda sat ideal.

I suppose when transfers weren’t a thing, and players were stuck in ridiculously long queues I should have sat idle.

Accept mediocrity and you get mediocrity.

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We advised them not to come to Troup for the very reason that it was clearing out and they would be stuck after seeding.



Don’t mind me.
Im just summarizing this for someone who can’t come to the phone at this time. Please try your call aga…

That one got away from me.
Here we go.
Notorious is getting screwed with 6 v 6 wars.
They request 30 v 30.
(I can read between the lines)
Too many people want to war.
Not enough slots.
Everyone can’t reach Diamond X when only 6 can war at a time.
It only goes up to Diamond V?
Ok well then can we get Notorious a couple new tiers?

We’ll stick a pin in it.
What else…what else…
“Do better. We deserve better.”
Many might think that is addressed to Scopely.
Oh no.
No no no.
That is a personal attack on you and yours.
So hug your little ones extra tight, tonight.
Stare at that reflection of yourself in the mirror just a little bit longer.
And you tell yourself…
“Do better.”
Do it for the kids.



Lmao. I had a good lol. Excellent content.

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What does it say when we’re all on the Road to Survival?



It’s kinda funny to see how many high ranked factions are complaining about VIN. We shared a region with them for 3 years and never gave up.
Was your reason to tell them not to come meant to help them or was it said because you didn’t want to go up against them? As I recall they beat legacy just as they have beat most others.
Seems to be while you pretend to help them in reality you were just running from them.

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Oh sweetness, get back to me when you know a single thing about this situation.



I’m friends with quite a few in VIN, you can ask them about our conversations during this time if you’d like.



Have you guys played against Henry region im asking in all seriousness you guys sound like an awesome group and i’d love to play against the best :).



Leagues didn’t start til the day after they joined Troup, that I know for a fact…so you claiming seeding was already underway is untrue, so what was the real reason.



I thought you were with Centurions



Here’s something you clearly don’t know since you know nothing about this situation - they were originally planning on moving to another region after their 10 days were up. They were talking of transferring to a foreign region. If we wanted to stay in Troup, we would’ve. This is all very well documented.

I’m old, the timeline may be off. We moved on the last day of seeding so we could bump ourselves as high as we could go before seeding was over. They hadn’t been there for that long at that point, but it’s moot anyway.



Okay so if you didn’t leave because of them and thats true, I have no reason to not believe you, let me ask you this since
your faction in Morgan is high active.

Would you leave if they came to Morgan?

Or would Morgan magically become inactive enough for you to leave right as they showed up?



I havent read whole thread… far too lazy and busy atm… but… my fac is diamond league despite being 4 short, in dead region, and 6vs6 would have been a god send for us! We ALWAYS have 6 but there are time we get stuck at 6. Other we have 15… you say transfer or recruit but we arent open to transfer and a dead region means not many to recruit. We are lucky we have the loyal and dedicated people we have. Lucky we have a fam willing to stick it out while waiting for transfers… until then again 6vs 6 would have been nice! Especially since we were facing some of the oldest regions! Nice job scopely … protecting new regions my arse! Face the oldest in leagues, onslaught, crw… but no just stay there bored to death with no options… kewl



Of course I knew. No matter where we would go we would drive people away. That’s like saying if you go stand in the shower and turn the water on you’ll get wet.

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