Give the #1 overall 8v8


Wakanda was Gov, he was once again not allowed to partake here at this place





No, I’m Gov

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Im Gov as well or can I be middle eastern Gov

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I’m Gov.



Ooo I’m most liked by plaugis too! And kalishane is still 2nd most liked for me! That woman loved me despite her many many flaws she obviously had some taste

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I’ll boil it down for you because clearly your spinning crap like always.

We want fair play and not be screwed because on non sense 6v6, 8v8 decisions that are not in our control.

Developers designed leagues to be competitive? Yes or No

Can factions be reasonably competitive with other faction within their rank if they are locked in a 6v6 when other are in an 8v8?
Yes or No

Were the factions notified that they would be placed in a 6v6?
Yes or No

If you come to yes, no, no then there is a flaw in the design and therefor requires attention.

Overall, I can boil your comments down to this…

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I don’t think I’ve ever liked a thing you’ve said, I’d argue I was the one with taste :wink:



Oh my sweet, sweet Baby so feisty

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sips coffee



Did you have the same choices as to where to transfer to as everyone else?

Did you have the same choices as to how to interact with others following transfers?

Did the choices made result in your current situation?

Has it been common knowledge that the lowest populations become 6v6?

You keep peddling excuses and complaints of fairness, but the truth is, we all started out in the same position. That is your fairness. The decisions made(rather predictably) led to the current situation.

The fact that nobody from notorious has said “maybe we should’ve listened and we wouldn’t be here” speaks volumes about the situation. Maybe the solution is to focus inward on these things BEFORE it gets to this point, instead of being upset on the forums over things that were easily preventable.



For once I gotta agree with Final-boss(assuming this is Jack)…Notorious & Infamous their current situation is due to their own decisions. Scopely did not force them to go anywhere. They should have stayed in Pike & assembled these factions & seen how people reacted before they jumped from region to region.




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All I’m seeing here is what I already knew.

Some players want to beat others when they are at their best.

Others are happy to call it a win when their opponent has both arms tied behind their back. I’d call this being spineless, but that’s me.

Blame players for a game play design flaw if you want. This is clearly counter to the leagues design intent.



So, you came to Morgan knowing you would drive people away, thanks for that.

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We prefer 6v6 because we find it easier to fill, not being a top faction but liking the game.

Seems a bit bizarre that you don’t get what you want and we fon’t Get what we want either. Weld quite happily take less good rewards to play war more.

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But if enough leave and if Morgan was to get changed to 6v6 he’ll just sit there quiet and not say a thing.



They should announce region war type before a season and maintain it through the entirety. This wasn’t done here as it was 8v8 and changed to 6v6 later.

If it was managed appropriately, I assure you we’d have nothing to say on this topic.



But if you’re already “the best”…why does it matter? :thinking:

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There’s a competitive leader board that’s telling me I can do better. Same could be said as to why some wish to be top of the raid board (though ghosting makes it meaningless).

The alternative at this point is dropping to bronze… Yeah… No