Give the #1 overall 8v8


I only have one thing to add to all of this…



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-slow claps-


Spoiler: They do

Not so sure about optimizing player experience so much


Your post has nothing to do with his original topic. He is not complaining that he’s in a dead region or that factions left his region. He is simply stating that it is not fair to have factions in the same league have 6v6 while others have 8v8. Simple end of story. Would you agree or disagree with that statement?


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I would agree with this statement more of the premise of the OP didn’t basically boil down to “We moved into a region and now we want you to make an exception for us that will screw those who stayed”

In essence you’re saying people are selfish for not agreeing with a request that benefits 30 and harms more.


No, I’m saying people are selfish because they can’t put themselves in other peoples shoes. If this happened to another faction from diamond V, they would be on here saying the same thing. I get annoyed when people can’t understand other people’s points of views. They aren’t on here bashing anyone. They are simply asking for a change as they are at a significant disadvantage.

Also, This is hardly the first time a faction or player has come on here and complained about 6v6. Hell, I have done it numerous times as I am in a number one faction of a low pop region and we have received 6v6. Everyone in my faction hates it. But I do see it from the low pop factions point of view as well. I could understand 6v6 in AOW because the times are endless, but in crw the quês are much faster. Also, now If you can’t get 8 to sign up, there are a lot more things you can do about it then pre transfers. Having three straight crw with 6v6 would drive away a lot of the players in my faction so I can see why they are all upset.


I dunno any faction in diamond 5, I’m in diamond 4 and yes I would be annoyed, no I wouldn’t come here asking to change it. That’s only my perspective though.


Apologies, diamond 4. Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you don’t care about being number 1 but they do. Doesn’t mean that he is wrong for asking a gaming company to put everyone on equal footing.


I think we can all agree

you’re being optimized as a High activity region with 8v8, or
you’re being optimized for a Low activity region with 6v6

we cant have it both ways.

If you want to dominate… step up to the plate to a big region or make it 100% Leagues based rankings.


oh im a member of them lol. no need for you to know me


It seems to me the whole thread has been hijacked by the people who dislike Notorious.
I think the original poster originally ask that they be put on equal footing instead of not having a fair chance at competing. Any competitive faction would be upset if in that situation from what I’ve gather they were beating everyone by a pretty sizeable margin.
Example in war you’re winning up to the last 4 hours and then your faction is told no more warring but faction A and B who are only 100k behind you get to war the last 4 hours while you don’t, then you fall from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd, are you happy with the end result. Honestly ask yourselves that before speaking.


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I’m confused by that comment what?


That account and wakanda forever. Doesn’t matter what you say you’re always gonna deny but im certain i know who you are.


Maybe they should have stopped with the attitude of they are better than anyone and “the get good” remarks. Come off like pompous jerks and expect for us to sympathize for something they got themselves into?


what would Notorious have asked for if AOW was planned for next week? A special CRW just for them because it isn’t fair that they are in a low pop region and wouldn’t get enough wars in with long search ques ?


There was an AOW, Blitz in fact, and we broke ourselves into factions of 15 and played against ourselves.