Give the #1 overall 8v8


Was not deemed low activity when leagues started. In fact everyone in troup expected 8v8. For anyone to say otherwise would be disengenuius.




Everyone there expected 8v8, leagues was already underway.

Again no one said make it 6v6.



Im not so sure its a bad call to want to go fight the other top factions and be willing to travel to do so, i will accept caring about leagues and not just taking the hit and shifting may be a bad call.

No one is saying Legacy wasnt decent, at least in my dealings when in Morgan there was no issues.



Your expectations seem to have been flawed and out of line with reality.

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Where’s @RichardB with the crepe recipe?..



Yeah, it’s a priority thing. If you want to not worry about leagues, then travel everywhere. If you want #1 in leagues, moving into a position where you’re stuck in a dying region until past the end of seeding is a bad call. Declining to move to existing factions where you’d not be screwed by leagues even though the idea was presented, also a bad call.

Beyond all that, I think they probably put themselves in 2nd place for leagues by transferring to Wilkinson and having vendetta transfer to troup. They’re going to miss the activity of a couple of people there who burned tons of cans every week.

I do think notorious is the best faction in the game right now. No doubt about it, but it seems like they’re chasing too many different goals at the same time.



That shift though is driven by the desire to fight the best.

They went to Troup to fight you lot, they done the player swap to fight Ap and Illuminightmare.

I can respect that, how a player swap impacts there overall leagues is on them though.



I agree 100%.

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I wonder if a single day can pass on this forum without a mention of notorious. Shit is getting old fast



People are so selfish. Op has a valid point. It’s NOT FAIR that they get to compete 6v6 when the rest of their league gets 8v8. End of story. How they got to that point is debatable but it’s not debatable that they are at a disadvantage. Show some empathy because you wouldn’t like this situation if it happened to you.



None of this makes sense. If they have an algorithm in place for determining 6vs6 or 8vs8 based on region activity they simply can’t make an exception for anyone because of their league standing. And let’s say for arguments sake, they noticed hey we’re giving notorious 6vs6, let’s set the region up for 8vs8. And then you leave the region before war. Should someone contact you beforehand and say “pssst we’re giving you 8vs8 even though your in a low region, just wanna make sure you guys staying there.” It just seems like an unreasonable request. I get why your annoyed at it, I just don’t see the logic behind it.
I’m not sure you noticed, scopely isn’t very good at notifying anyone of anything for any reason.



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Well… war was designed for 8v8. Not 6v6. If you can’t que 8, that doesn’t mean you should punish those who can, especially in crw. It was an issue before transfers. Now it shouldn’t be. Take your active players to another region if you can’t que 8v8.



If it’s known and declared. Seems to me to be a big if considering very little activity is displayed. Best you have is region transfer screen but alas this has no clarity to it.

Also let’s not forget players attempt such as this to forecast activity.

Again no developer clarity



why? its not like u are doing that. we all want the best for ourselves and our faction family



I can understand and respect deciding to traverse the world of regions to attempt to fight the best…But and its a huge but who says anyone else wants anything to do with that??

Also to act like that gives you some kind of upperhand or should garner you more catering too cause you feel your on some sort of moral high ground is just silly especially being as its your choice.

I tend to wonder if you werent off chasing your we are the best in the game dreams and kept yourselves right where you were my guess things would have been fine.

Essentially you rolled the dice jumping around and w.e roster changes you were or weren’t doing and ended up getting burned.

The average 2 yr old will only take one burn from a stove to learn the lesson i wonder how many more times you guys will touch cause it sounds like you already plan on it.

Honestly you guys are going about this wrong trying to chase teams and competition around that clearly wants nothing to do with you.

You should choose a region keep your asses in it and start inviting any and all of those who are like minded and want or are willing to face off against you to said region.

I mean I heard your #1 about 30 times just in this post they should be coming to you. Your the ones that have to be knock down or off. Station yourself somewhere and say here we are anyone who thinks they have what it takes we will be right here.

With you chasing your hurting yourselves and every single region you jump too. Start thinking about that if your truely for the betterment of the game for all players as i also heard a couple of you going on about.

Dont just talk about it be about it.



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Like I said, totally understand why you are annoyed. But the format for everything is flawed. The only thing I’ve noticed with new features being thrown out that is “thoroughly” reviewed prior to its release is how many ways can we extract revenue. Guess who’s gonna have to spend more for their league standing because they got a 6vs6 war?
At least that’s the way I see it.

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I only have one thing to add to all of this…




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