Give the #1 overall 8v8


Maybe you should go back up and read his comment lol, just calling him out for being a Notorious fanboy so sue me



Just Transfer back to Pike Horror …



Anyway boys, I’ve got to get back to work. It’s been real.



It is about just as dead.



Scopely isnt gonna do anything, we know the speed in which they work (stupid slow). We got 18 days before season 1 of leagues is over, just ride it out and start searching for a new region to move when season 1 is over. Contact region chats and ask if it’s okay to move there and expect people to not leave if you do so. If they tell you not to come bc everyone is gonna leave then dont go and search for another place. It really sucks yall got placed in 6v6, I would be super salty of that’s was my case.
Best and luck yall



Aww. A poor wittle top faction is crippled?



Sounds like one big “we are entitled” complaint. If you don’t want 6v6 wars, leave for a more active region or stay in your 3rd faction or whatever until the league is over. stop crying.



scopelys answer is for you all to buy the next OP Premier. As per usual. That’s all they care about.



OP - semi valid point. if what others said is true, that it was deemed to be 6v6 because of low activity, then I agree - it is your own doing that brought this upon you. Ya’ll supafactions love to be the nuker of regions, so why shouldnt you have to deal with the consequences that come with it.

If Baby and Foe are correct, that they warned you before you decided to be the BSD and come to Troup to trash them in war, then that’s on you guys. I think that’s their point. They warned you, Wesley couldnt help himself, now you guys are crying that you are the king of the hill on a one hill island. Don’t see why you can’t understand why some won’t sympathize with you.

In addition, it’s true - the way you OP reads. It’s not about all those in the 6v6 camp. It’s specifically self serving as “WE are a top faction in Diamond V or whatever, and WE deserve 8v8”. That’s not an objective stance by any means. You are crying about an outcome that you, yourself, potentially created.

Lastly, I do think this is fun and what makes a mobile game what it is. Crazy ass fools trying to get at one another in a digital pissing contest. I’ll go back to my top 25 faction and collect my GPS/ Canteen; compete at a level that is still fun, but free or low cost. I much prefer my 3 vacations a year and 2 new cars to no vacations and old cars with RTS dominance. Lol



I don’t agree or disagree with this. In fact I didn’t really have anything to say so I will just leave this lovely recipe for pancakes

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Legacy was also told to not come to Morgan.

If Morgan keeps emptying out and you end up with 6 v 6 would you accept an answer of “you were told not to come here”



I was not told not to come to Morgan.

That’s not really the point though, Notorious came to Troup with days left in seeding and they knew they’d be stuck there for at least 10 days. This season is nearly over and we will leave Morgan if we decide that’s the best choice. I agree that 6v6 sucks, that’s not the argument.

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Substitute an over ripe banana for half the milk to get a lovely variation.

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slow claps

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now I want pancakes… dammit



There’s so much bitterness and butthurt flying around. Whether you agree with @TheWanderer or not, at least he is being constructive in making his points.

I actually think Scopely has done the right thing on this occasion making the format 6v6 in a “low” activity region. At least the search and match times will be shorter, catering for those that are loyal (often stupidly imho) to their region, not wishing to move, but still wanting to have good activity during wars.

There’s always the choice to move but I understand why Notorious (or any other top factions) don’t want to move and lose league points. Like someone else said though, less than 2 weeks till end of season 1, so best to ride it out and think carefully about next transfer.

I don’t know how you can avoid mass exodus though. That surely does suck!



I would. That said, I made sure we made a good decision on where to transfer to and that our interactions with the region were always respectful and accommodating. We understood that our arrival would cause people to leave, no matter the region, so we picked a very high activity one to insulate us in that respect, we have bent over backwards to not bother anyone else in the region and help them where we can. That is the difference here. They made a bad call, after they were told by people in the region that it was a bad call, and now they are experiencing the results of that decision. That’s life.

It does suck that they aren’t on a level playing field now, that said, we were all on a level playing field when this started and where we are now is a result of the decisions we’ve made.



mmmmm seasonal lol



Fact is.

No public statement was made that Troup would be 6v6. It was 8v8 and no request was made to make it 6v6. This change was post leagues starting.

You would be pissing and moaning and would not accept it. We all know this. Lie to yourself if you want.

Decisions the developer made. Guess you don’t know the difference here. Again provide me a clear statement saying Morgan would be 6v6 after the start of leagues.



They’ve always made the lowest population regions 6v6. People there were told directly “troup doesn’t have the activity to support you guys coming here”. You moved to a region people were already exiting very quickly, that trend continued, and we arrive at where we are now.

They didn’t need to directly say “troup will be 6v6 in 2 months”. If you know lowest activity regions are 6v6, you were told the region you were moving into is dying quickly, why should you be surprised you got 6v6?

This is like crying on the morning news that your car got flooded because you drove into a high water crossing. The signs were literally right there.