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Good job. I was hoping for more popcorn for this thread


Best summary of this thread ever. #dead #pewpewpew


I don’t wanna hear about the porn you watch when you get ‘elevated’.


Saw an interesting post about a certain group of people, I will not post here as im sure plenty of other people will, just want to know who the writer of that post was? You can pm me…i just like knowing how valid it is.


If its all the same i’d rather hear from them.


Lol. You literally warrant no more then that with your retarded skewed point of view.

Yea nope not even gonna waste my time on an obvious waste.




Porn, you say? The Warriors are a sports team, and @Crenshaws_Warden was talking about them being blown… out of the water by an opposing sports team, the Milwaukee Bucks. No need to assume the worst right off the bat :+1:



JB posted in chat today that the allegations you mentioned were not true and was very apologetic that it might have hurt the faction. No story except someone trying to cause drama.


I’d rather hear from a non vin member.


Those player profiles were checked and are fine.

(I’m not in vin :p)


Why is andrea the new tara?


I’m not trying to stir the mud here, but I do have a few casual observations about this;

First and foremost, we have been told for three years when we have asked for the results of an investigation into a player that Scopely could not comment on those results due to some type of TOS/player privacy mumbo jumbo. How is it that you can suddenly make these claims in an open forum?

Second, if the refund transaction took place between the individual and his/her play store (google/apple), what mechanism would you have to verify that? I’m a bit confused on what that process looks like.


After the stir provoked by the false allegations I did scan those myself to make sure. I wouldn’t have hesitated an instant to ban the accounts otherwise.

Generally speaking, we’re also ramping up our anti cheating efforts across the board.
Indeed, we do not openly comment about our related processes.

Note though, we do work hand in hand with platforms, and have ways to reconcile our mutual data.


I appreciate the response, I wasn’t questioning the results of your findings, merely pointing out that you as an employee of Scopely commenting on the results of the player investigation seems to conflict with what we have been told on these forums for the last three years. Anyhow, I’ll not pester you about it any further.


Once again, I don’t need to know your porn kinks. I can’t help it, I tried to keep reading after seeing the phrase ‘being blown’, but then you mention bucks and all I can think about is:
What do all the female reindeer do on Christmas Eve while the male reindeer are out pulling Santa’s sleigh? PM me if you don’t know the punchline, I don’t think I can post it!


I’m more disappointed allegations weren’t made against me =-(

Guess I gotta channel more hate from the community.


You’re bad guy rep is going up! Keep at it wandy :joy: