Give the #1 overall 8v8


Alot of inaccuracy here

All players have access to the same premiers. They can choose to spend or not spend.

Is it wise for them to do so? Do they have the means to do so? Not my place to say…

Therefor I’ll skip your whole pay rant nonsense as it’s irrelevant to the matter at hand

We have only 2 options.

  1. Leave leagues behind and move regions.
  2. Petition for 8v8 as I’ve done here.

Again no public knowledge of pending 6v6 was given. The season started with 8v8 and 6v6 was a mod season change.

So I’ll skip alot more of your ranting non sense since you clearly don’t seem to understand or are disregarding the facts here.

No I don’t need to do anything.

My points were made at the start and if you can’t see how this could happen to you or others, then you lack the ability to perceive the issue as a whole.

Its not my responsibility.
And in this case I chose not to.

That does not make the argument at all invalid.

I have high standards for myself and others. As such I have a high level of expectation.

Call it high and mighty if you want, but it was not.

If i wanted to do so I would’ve said ’ if it wasn’t for this, no faction could hold a candle to us’ .

I did not. I merely said we’ve missed out on a crap ton of points, we want to compete in 8v8 the same as everyone else in diamond 4. We want to try to win number 1.

Hate on.



That seems logical. I can not comprehend



Haters gonna hate.

When it affects them they are allowed to rage and call it bad game design.

When it affects others, it’s the players fault.






No bc onslaught is raids with timers and you cant target and kill off threats… I’m talking normal war… towers and all but 3v3 (ooo actually cool concept with towers stack em, spread em, ghost em?) … 3 to play but can run multiple at one time so rack up points in super active facs with 10 wars going at one time OR at least be getting point and getting to war if in a small fac… either way more people warring=faster match ups , less discouraged newbs who joined a low activity fac bc it was open, and more coin for scopely when the whales come against each other… the top fac may have 8 v 8 and dominate in AOW so people stay down but in 3 v 3 the 2nd rank fac may have the 3 to challenge the top 3 :wink:



So basically to you everything others say is just invalid…




Simply I just I do not agree with some players statements.

Have you never disagreed with someone?





yes I disagree with a lot of people. That’s not the point here. You came off in the first of as a very self entitled person, like scopley owed you something. That is extremely off putting. I get your point but experience of playing this game they don’t care adapt. So use your options, which it is clear that you have many… And deal like every single other player in this game has to. No.1 sure… Special treatment. … I sure hope not. U have 3 factions. FFs. I think you are going to be okay

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Really don’t care how you took my post. Clearly it stirred alot up, which was ultimately the point. Therefor it has in my eyes been an overwhelming success regardless of whether you agree, blame us, or think we should just suck it up and move on.

They have taken feedback and turned that into action. We did get transfers, etc. Maybe not on the time scale we wanted, but posts like this have shown the design flaws and at times helped create a better game for all.

Call me an optimist. Still holding out hope they restore us to how this season leagues started.

The options moving regions is not really an option at all. Starting over in bronze 1 lol?!? I don’t think any competitive faction should have to go through that nonsense.

In this case, I would argue they gave special treatment to low activity factions ignoring high activity factions which are negatively affected. After all, these low activity factions were already in 8v8 matches when the season be game.

Returning to the 8v8 which is where Troup started the season is the right thing to do.

Maintaining a consist game mode from start of season to the end of season is the proper game design to prevent this from happening to others.

Hell they should just allow factions to move and declare what format regions are in before a season begins so factions/players can play the way they want and not be forced into what they do not want because of others choices or the developers decide to change things on them.






Heh this made me chuckle



Why dont you all stop being a bunch of Kevin Durant’s. Warriors make the NBA more boring in my opinion. No more superfactions, no more super teams. Make America, RTS, and NBA great again.

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I’m clearly “elevated” and watching the Warriors get blown out… what was this thread about again?

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From what I gather is, someone is not happy about factions and players leaving a region that they came to even though other people told them not to come and then they’re losing #1 overall in seasons because of it and then @Final-Boss aka Jack comes in goes pew pew to everyone and then they pew pew back saying he twists words and then he does more pew pew and others keep saying “told ya so” and then other keep saying not fair and Jack does more pew pew.

Oh, and warriors in 5 this year in the finals. #SuperTeamsNeedLoveToo







Good job. I was hoping for more popcorn for this thread



Best summary of this thread ever. #dead #pewpewpew

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I don’t wanna hear about the porn you watch when you get ‘elevated’.



Saw an interesting post about a certain group of people, I will not post here as im sure plenty of other people will, just want to know who the writer of that post was? You can pm me…i just like knowing how valid it is.