Give the #1 overall 8v8


We are not in the same region



I’m nothing to do with them but curious what that means? I don’t see anything anywhere here where anyone is consciously trying to kill the game! :thinking:


At this point this thread has become a thread for Wanderer trying to defend his opinions about why they should have 8v8 wars.


Logic would say everyone fights 8v8. If you cant get 8 to war and want to war more move faction or region. If you’re a casual player you can’t complain.


When did logic enter the forums ever?


We exchanged our logic for popcorn a long time ago.

I regret nothing. :grin::popcorn:


I fail to understand how anyone can honestly and seriously call for equal level playing field…

Makes 0 sense. Its a pay to play/pay to win game all equal footing and fairness is thrown right out the window the moment people started spending.

Unless you mean to tell me you cant see it from the f2p perspective???

To them the game is 100% unfair 100% of the time so yes you are going to have a lot of people who are not trying to hear this nonsense and rightfully so.

In a #1 faction and i spend so dont try that angle.

Go ahead and say thats just how it is how the state of mobile gaming is…Well then go right ahead and apply the same thought process here this is just what and how it is so deal.

Stop acting like you had no options here. As a matter of fact it seems options was your biggest problem. You had to many options and chose to exercise them and dropped yourself into a pickle and dont have enough time to get yourself out.

Grand thing is if you are as dominant as one would assume by listening to it all then when next season rolls around im gonna go out on a limb and say you will have learned your lesson and can go about dominating and taking #1 in all the seasons to come.

If your faction is that anal and still that hard up to have to have the #1 ranking i mean really grow up at that point.

If you came across how you wanted to make it seem later on in the thread as a we need to get this changed moving forward cause as you can see this an this is happening to us and it isnt right or fair now nor will it be if it continues to happen to others down the road.

Instead of the more or less high an mighty tone you came across with on top of blaming others who dont want anything to do with what your idea of fun or competition is this would have gone alot better.


Gotta do some nasty stuff for that nomsayin :wink::wink:


OG / OP Players: We want a level playing field, quit making things easier to everyone else
Everyone else: WTF are you smoking!
New Players: I just got my first armory, maybe I’ll be able to last long enough to use my 4 attacks in war in 6 months

Event reward structures and RNGesus reward those who have ridden the crest of the wave or spend. Everyone else is playing catch-up.
If we’re all chasing the same prizes within regions (or across in CRW), it’ll never be a level playing field.
Leagues needs teeth; align competition (and prizes) accordingly and satisfaction will go WAY up. period.


this thread is hilarious and awesome. i love 2 top factions at a war of words.


sounds yummy








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For those of you like me, who have no dog in this fight, as you read through this rubbish, just keep telling yourself, “these are adults, playing a game of pixels.” It really frames it all in the proper context. Anyhow, carry on kids and keep surviving.




Let’s have an AOW! Obviusly 8v8!


Nah 2v2 and let the real fun begin!


Actually not aweful idea… have 3vs3 wars but can have multiple wars at a time. Solves all issues… less active regions are able to fight in down times and super active regions arent fighting to get in… everyone gets to play whether in a top fac in active region or low fac in a dead region. Plus there would be more to match with so less down time for searching in AOW…hmmmm I like it