Give the #1 overall 8v8


Give us (Notorious) 8v8. We worked our asses off to earn #1 overall and we didn’t do so with the intent of getting screwed by other players who flee from competition. There is nothing we can do about this, and to be penalized for others choices is ridiculous.

Last 2 CRW we’ve been handicapped by placing us in 6v6 while those in our league play 8v8. This is a difference of

  • 33% more trophies earned per battle.
  • 400k per war contest

Overall you’ve taken the #1 overall and handicapped us with over 1m faction league points (2 CRW). Points that can not be made up. Due to this nonsense, we’ve had to go to extremes just to stay engaged with the game, including swapping to another region to fight reasonable competition (AP, illuminightmare).

For a game that claims leagues is a pvp content intended to push players to compete to new levels, this is a complete mockery.




They deserve better, create for them…an Arkham Asylum of sorts…invite only of course.

One solid weekend of madness, civilians can watch in horror as the baddest of the bad fight.

I volunteer to sing the first 60 seconds of “Princes of the universe” at the opening ceremony

There can be only one goddamit! No more league nonsense, no more undefeated factions in crw, crown a goddamn king or queen



I lol’d. Great content

since im in notorious too, i agree completely lmao

Yeah give the #1 8v8, never mind the rest who got 6v6.
Just give these guys what they want


Everything’s always all about them, where have you been?


Despite our rivalry, I wouldn’t wish 6v6 on any faction in diamond. Diamond factions don’t, or at least shouldn’t, have any problem finding 8 for Q. However, you cannot deny that it cripples a factions ability to compete.

If other factions or regions like the one I assume @gannicusG is speaking of, if 6v6 isn’t right for them, I urge them to speak up also


Muh dead regions tho

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Sure… they can recruit or they can transfer to enable themselves to fill an 8v8 war queue. Those factions were in 8v8 continuously before leagues. It is not like it was demanded Troup turn to a permanent 6v6 waste land. The developers made this decision, not the players.

A faction can not transfer and still compete in leagues. They only ran 6v6 well after leagues started. So if your going to call it a competitive online mobile game, be a competitive online mobile game.

This isn’t an us vs them argument. This is a game design and intent argument.

I think it’s reasonable to call for Scopely to expand matchmaking requirements based on this new criterion you’ve presented, League placement, specifically. At least it looks better than an argument based on entitlement or deserving special treatment.

But since CRW places regions against each other, the format based on level of activity, should Troup the region be included in 8v8 by virtue of Notorious the faction being in the top tier of Diamond? Should matchmaking requirements be expanded to auto-include all other diamond factions in 8v8 matchups regardless of region activity? And should this factor ultimately supersede the importance Scopely has placed on region activity altogether?

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All valid points, but to talk about the numbers. Troup as a region outscored every region in a 8v8 grouping a CRW ago, Group 21 I think, despite having 6v6. And then outscored numbers other regions also in 8v8. So how to we weight that? Is scoring not indicative of activity?

Activity = population is the Scopely easy way out, but maybe combined League points/trophies for the region would help with that, like once a certain threshold is crossed it’s considered 8v8 worthy. Food for thought.

Good question. I think to get an appropriate sample size to answer that, you’d still have to slog through the initial 6v6 just to prove it, but once established, that might be sufficient and apply to the remainder of the season. Just more work required on Scopely’s part to evaluate what meets the criteria.

I agree that the top diamond league factions should be able to compete 8v8, but this particular argument is illogical. You’re upset that your 30 players are penalized for the composition of your region, while advocating the rest of your region should be penalized for the composition of your faction.


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There is NOONE in that region, can prove it by showing 95%+ of the wars during CRW coming from 1-2 groups. Sooooo that would be majority of the region. 6 wars from groups in 2 days with 8 afks really shouldn’t factor in.

Maybe you all should have thought about this before making 3 factions that kills off regions? Sorry you are in a dead region because you pommeled the region to death. No one wants to compete with you because they have no desire to spend their mortgage away on toons to come close to tapping you guys…


Again there were no calls for 6v6 in Troup. This was only determined per the developers. So if this never happened, there would never be any penalties for those in Troup as it was business as usual.

There’s alot of assumption here that this was required or that this was asked for. I challenge those here to provide proof of that rather than accepting your assumptions.

Cry elsewhere. This is off topic.


How is it off topic? Did you look at the groupings of crw? They were all low regions, the lows got 6v6…troup would not have been low they would have still been medium until you guys showed up.

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