Give rewards for missions


When is these silly meme going to die?


This is incorrect, as I have not received the trophies earned for the 43k milestone. I’m close to the 98k milestone. Did not receive the tokens for the 43k mark.

Nor did I receive the trophies from war.


All I can say is that is the information I’ve been given. Please open a support ticket for the missing rewards.


I don’t believe I have received mine either. Thank you very much for the information LadyGeek I will also open a support ticket


Lol the answer is never


Not to be a jerk but this is $¢opely we’re talking about did you really expect it to be fixed quickly? 🤷Territories has been broken since day one and we’re still waiting :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You haven’t bought them already :confused:


Amen :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

And what do they respond when message in game thanks for surviving
Is anything else we can help you wish


Also where is that 5 star skybound rick most people still haven’t received them

Keep on surviving :joy:


im tired of waiting for this to be fixed :weary:


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