Give rewards for missions

give rewards for missions. I’m in a platinum league, but I was not given a reward for a gold one. I now do not play to get into the gold ???

same here, support in game told me they would take it to the team week ago. i was hoping league week restarting would fix it but didnt, so still waiting on the team to comment or fix it

This is a known bug, and a fix is in the works. I think I heard at the end of season 2?


if a fix is in the works great, but if the fix comes at the end of season 2 going to be a very long wait :\
also im in the platinum league 5, apparently contender pt 1-3 worked, and climbing ranks pt 1 worked, but reach this point they break. same with rest or everyone stuck on a differant part of the missions?

I think @LadyGeek was joking about the end of season thing

Same for that and no victory token at the end of war . Also the ligue score on progress isn’t the same everywhere :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

you’re kidding me? The END of season two?

I clicked on @LadyGeek profile and looked at the other community “leaders” and saw that lockdown was listed. Is this the lockdown on YouTube?

Sorry, not joking.


Yes, the same.

I’ve always wondered why he had such a low amount of subs considering he’s the only rts YouTuber (that matters) and puts out quality content.

Also a known issue. The correct number, and the one that will be used for milestone rewards, is in your profile.

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I’d have enough for Tara today if I could’ve gotten those mission rewards. I’m sure we’ll have to grind our asses off if we want a toon from this seasons store, though, since this is obviously less of a crisis for scopely to fix than, oh idk the Andrea-gate fiasco, bc this only impedes players ability to progress and def NOT impeding their bottom line at all, in fact it helps them.

And to top it off, they’re intentionally starving us of gear and “offering” gear packages to buy in order to strongarm us, the players, into paying for what used to be abundant and basically free.

And bc we have love for this game we will hang on, hoping, and even continue to pay them to manipulate us into paying them more! Awesome!

The end of the season?!?!? As if gear-gate isnt bad enough now you’re blocking our access to new toons by not fixing this now. Thanks n good job listening to your player base and meagerly tossing grains of gear out to us for war rewards while shading us on refill drops wink


omg!! 60 days?? so we are basically screwed this season? If we don’t get the event trophies added to our milestones it’s going to be an uphill battle wow…

Big Oof

@JB.Scopely please tell us this is a joke? Next season? It will be next to impossible to collect enough trophies to buy the new toons if our event trophies aren’t being added to our milestones? How was this working last season, but not this one?

There are 2 issues. The first, that event trophies are not showing properly in all places where you can look at your league trophies, is visual only. The correct amount shows in your profile and it includes the event trophies. You will get milestones based on this amount. The second issue is the auto-complete of the league missions; this is what will take until next season to fix.


Thanks for the info @LadyGeek even though your not a dev your still a pretty cool cat :cat:

when is carl going to the museum? @LadyGeek


You’re welcome! I try to be helpful.