Give regions the ability to opt out of CRW


CRW matchmaking is a mess. Tired of being feed to spenders.

Give regions the ability to opt out of CRW!

Those that opt out would have a region war.



And how would you want this to be implemented? Every player on a server gets to choose?

I’d really like to see how you want to get all peeps on a server to vote out of CRW. ^^


Open it up to the region to vote. If 1 person or 500 vote, whatever the higher number is wins.

Pretty simple


So you would just get no event that weekend? Seems like you already have the ability to opt out by not queuing.


You can opt out, by just not participating.


Exactly, i don’t see the point of this thread. If you don’t want to participate just find something else to do that weekend.


It’s always been a mess, much like normal war matching, tho this CRW has been absolutely shit in that regard.
For me, fuck it I’m done with this game, that’s how I’m opting out.


Nope. Region war instead.


Ppl don’t like crw? I thought everyone loved it I know I do


I disagree, but my region had a few bad experiences with CRW. In some past CRWs, my region faced another region around the same age with several known hacker factions that always take #1, if not top 3. I’m not sure if they were banned at least once, but if they were, they popped right back up as if Scopely is playing whack-a-mole but with hackers instead of moles. I would rather have Scopely stop hackers from stealing prizes beforehand rather than having to opt out of CRW.


CRW was fine when it was 4 regions. The reward structure stinks for 8 regions.

Right now it’s no contest for me. I prefer AOW over CRW hands down.


The ONLY benefit or crw is faster queuing. That’s it. Nothing else.


If they are gonna keep it a race for one stronghold then yeah give us the option of staying the Fuck away from your mess scopely definitely, if they wake up take their fingers out of their asses and fix towers then no.


Yeah I agree with ya there I definitely prefer 4 regions over 8 but I still like playing with others so it’s worth it even if we don’t place as high


If they go back to 4 v 4 I would be fine with it or if they insist on keeping it 8 v 8 then up the rewards.

We got 50 tokens for a blitz. We just got 15 for 8th place in CRW. We will all get 16 just for logging in the next 4 days. Something is definitely wrong there.

Once again 26-50 get 5 tokens. What good is that?


This exactly. If they keep this prize structure, 8v8 is garbage. Either make war 4v4 with this structure or improve the prizes for 8v8. Plain and simple. Because this gives no one outside of the top faction in each region any incentive to compete in this game’s most premier event.


Make it 4v4 but allow multiple queues per faction simultaneously.


I’s rather opt out of levelups.


I keep saying over and over and over that 8 regions is too much. 6 regions would be optimal. Everybody start doing the same.

And, CRW should switch things up occasionally and use the Blitz format. That would be awesome. 6 v 6, 30 minute wars, 6 regions head to head. Not asking for some weird opt out vote system that would NEVER be hijacked by trolls…




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