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I want this gun for reds. Just give it bane of arthropods and i guarantee you everyone and their mother will buy one.

I’m praying we get it in Borderlands 3 as a quest reward from Rhys. (Not many people will understand why)

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All his guns are wrist mounted i can tell just by looking at the manufacture.

Well it’s more of a callback to the best scene of a invisible finger gun battle in Tales of Borderlands. It could probably be invisible in BL3 and just make the same sounds as in Dead Space. Many of the guns in BL3 so far looks insane so I’m not surprised if it doesn’t make it in.

ah shit i forgot. Vladof and assault rifles in general got a massive buff with the under mounted barriers and alf fires. Impact for torque fires slow gyro gets and stickies make it a normal bullet. Its and absolute win.

Guns with legs… guns with fking legs lol

tediore can actually do some actuall damage instead of sounding like a bb gun. And of course gun with legs.

Well I never liked Tediore because ammo storage was just low. In BL2, ammo never really felt like the reason why you would lose in a fight, so having an ammo cap that didn’t allow abuse of Tediore weapons were a bummer. (Not including rocket ammo though, I think that was fine.)

Tediore was an ammo muncher in borderlands 2 and never dealt enough bullet to throw damage for the amount it ate. The only gun i want eating my ammo is a docs quad. Why use a Tediore smg when i can use a hyperion smg and deal more dmg per shot with a crit bonus then having to throw a loaded gun for maximum dmg output? Its not worth it in my opinion. Now the new tediore is great but i wonder if there is a Tediore assault rifle? Torque makes snipers now so it would be so far fetched.

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