Give me an incentive to keep investing in this game?

So, how does the Trophy system work on the raid tournament?

I’ve been up ALL night raiding my butt off, at number 1 spot, and I’ve been overtaken by 2 people who won over 30 less raids than me but have 100-200 more points than me? What kind of flawed system is this? I couldn’t even keep up even if I carried on and bought more refills, why should I even bother if they’re getting more points for doing the same damn thing as me?

Its a stupid system and I feel punished for spending money and trying my hardest, I’ve never worked so hard to do this well in an event and even though I’m 30+ wins ahead I’m hundreds of points behind…



Are you even dedicated?


Because raiding opponents far below your rank gives less point than those closer to you…

I get a bot opponent ONE rank below me (#17) in 1/3 of the raids but cant remember when i ever saw a bot one or more ranks ABOVE me. Also Im usually one of those in the ladder with most points to wins ratio.

My advice is to hit as high in rank as possible. It may also be some factor regarding how many toons you loose or not in the fight, but i haven´t really investigated it.

I think i saw some explanation from devs a while back, so there is clearly a system in place, but i dont remember the exact requirements per point level.

I gained over 2300 rep this event, I’ve faced MANY opponents higher rating than me, Still only getting 18 trophies a win.

Not sure anything is “broken” but rather the influx of the crazy RNG… Who knows how it really works. :slight_smile:

Some people count on you to finish their Lamborghini collection.

About the scoring, it looks all is based on the strength of the opponent. during the broken beta with 1* toons people were getting just 2 points. if you face S4-S5 teams you can get between 21 and 22 points. problem you cannot know it in advance as the bot doesn’t show their strength level

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I get 22 per raid. I only raid rank 2 and 3 bots.

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Just checked my last 18 raids, all 21-23 each.

Trophy gains during raid tournaments are based on the difficulty of the enemy team you fight. The harder the team, the more trophies you get.

You’ll get 22-23 for beating s5, s5+ ranked teams, but you will only get matched with bots that strong if you yourself are in the same ballpark, so you are at a distinct disadvantage if your team strength isn’t as high as some of your competitors in the raid tournament.

It’s a pretty crummy system imo, i think they should change it to award more trophies for winning with all 5 alive and fewer trophies if you manage to win with only 1 toon standing.