Give me a Y..... Please

What’s a guy gotta do to get a Y. I feel like a cheerleader everytime I replay Arena…Give me a Y Give me a O Give me a U Give me a S Give me a U Give me a C Give me a K. What’s that spell. YOU SUCK


Grind arenas, anon

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Burn all your arena tickets for this segment or hold on until raid tomorrow and see if letters drop there.

Yeah I’ve been grinding Arenas and keep getting X Z Q A etc everything I dont need


I hear ya. I need 3 letters: a, s, and o. I have been grinding arenas and keep getting X, K, and Q. It’s driving me crazy lol

I keep getting B U C K E T… I don’t understand


Maybe I need that bucket to carry my 300k coins I got from tokens?

I used 13 tickets to finally get the Y. No more arenas for me…

15 tickets used and not one letter I need. Still missing 3. RNG is so freaking frustrating…probably due to the hole in my bucket.



It’s like a horrible game of scrabble


I saw it mentioned that it was supposed to be like a treasure hunt :wink:

We must all be digging in the wrong hole then :crazy_face:

I still need an N and a second Y and I’ve gone through 12 arenas now. The whole in my bucket is so big - there’s no bottommmmmmmm!


Except there’s no blanks or triple word scores to help you win.

It’s more like boggle. “Oooh go me, i spelt dog.” Cos that’s what my letters are like.

Y please Bob…


There is an anagram in this one for scopely to figure out. Clue: it describes scopely


That’s 2 words😂

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:face_with_monocle::thinking:… so it is :joy:

The only kind of treasure hunt this is is a treasure hunt for your wallet to make you keep buying arena tickets.

Another bust of an event. Please dont fuck the FA event up

Got mine doing arena’s, took about 10 tickets or so.