Give Everyone a Tourney

Is everyone getting a tourney or is this another “select” region tourney? @kalishane


Liberty is not in a tourney.

Long has no tourney

No tourney. But a blitz war would be great

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Cullman has no tourney

If tourneys are going on elsewhere, then Talbot doesn’t have one.

Cullman is lame…
Jk bro
Keep surviving

Hale no

No tourney in Lowndes

Lanier has a faction level up

Nothing on Lamar.

lanier has so many lvl ups i swear its actually insane.

I am a little jealous tho ^^

No no no no. If they are going to replace solo SR then it needs to be a solo not a faction tourney. We have people switching factions an so forth. .Liberty region.

Heard has a faction lvl up. Trust me, you guys aren’t missing out on anything though.

Stephens has nothing

I’d prefer a faction lvl up to nothing at all…Bartow has nothing.

im rather happy no solo sr.

they are a little fatiguing after 1 every week.

tho with the x3 it does it make a whole lot more bearable.

Sumter has the faction level up, we always get the surprise events cause we’re a closed, dead region.

Considering people may still need nuggets they need to extend and add an extra tournament or raise nugget amounts given to everyone. People plan off these limited evente. Would be something most games would do. Tbh most games would just give everyone free nuggets for “their” mistake. I am so hoping this how scope will be but my expectations are low.


Yea kinda bummed about not getting another shot at nuggets and that Lilith. @kalishane

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