Give 6* Andrea's AR -DEF, Heal Reduction And Maim!


These triple revive+health+bonus health teams are ridiculous. Make Andrea’s AR deal 375% damage with -30% defense(2 turns), 50% heal reduction(2 turns) and 500 maim to 3 enemies.


They will but it will be 106 ar


Her skin was leaked month ago so I guess she is finished yet


500 maim kind of sucks tbh. Less than green negan


How about 600% damage to one with 500 maim to 3 at 76?


Why not? Pretty on par with the new premiers coming everyday. Everyone brace for 7 stars. But they wont do that since it will kill the game since people csnt handle another transition of usless roster. Mark my words next will be some sort of “awakening” that requires maxed double of the same character. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just picked her up after two refreshes. She just better not be basic. I want some good stuff on her.


800% with Waste Not is good stuff. I just don’t want her to have her lead skill upgraded but her rush is relatively the same. I know how OP she was before. It would be great if they made her like Shiva. Killer before. Destroyer after.


Well she’s f2p so it’ll probably be something along the lines of “Decapitate self, deal -80% atk & def to all adjacent teammates, automatically lose next 6 raids, apply confuse to player who bothered to ascend this toon”
…if I’m being optimistic


Well, that’s before they “review and see she does not meet the expected behavior”, and then nerf her. She and the Wanderer will discuss this amongst themselves.


This may be a crazy idea but why don’t the just make her 66ap and deal 800% damage


And a fixed weapon with a great chance of gaining 100% ap


I wonder why would people trade waste not her upgraded leader skill


Waste not is useless vs these shield teams.


I would greatly appreciate it if they dropped the Tough-only part and made it all-ranged.


Andrea should be revive plus berserk. No leader skill nor her own unique weapons. Yet stun and 800% ark to multiple enemy. Haha


Scopely will not give FOR FREE a all range or all melee ap while attacking with 30-40 attack leaderskill. Its always been premium so be in love if its just all tough. Just remember how it went during the five star era and btw michonne head drop to get negan does not count lol.


You dare mutter that cursed word in scopely’s inner sanctum of wallets!


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