Gimme that carllll

Not sure if this has already been done but, would you guys be able to implement a Carl stash? Carl promo? Box? Idk, just anything to get ascendable Carl…I have done so many god damn 5* token pulls, max pulls, prestige pulls and elite character pulls and not one of them has been a Carl. Meanwhile I am watching people in my faction get their 5th or 6th! I am seriously getting desperate here.

Maybe I’m just one of the “lucky” few who has never recieved a Carl? I’m sure there are others as well who are in the same spot. obviously this shouldn’t be a top priority as there are many other pressing issues to be taken care of first…it’s just a suggestion.


Well there was once a carl promo when his six star version first came out…then later down the road there was a surprise box of four different items mainly five star tokens and a carl that correct me if am wrong was 250 coins a open for a limit of 30 I believe.

I feel the same about getting a Shiva. I wish I had pulled when she was the promo when 6* first came out. Snooze you lose I guess.

Yeah I pulled for both of those with no luck


A way that didn’t cost money would be even nicer

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I was without carl for a very long time I did pulls on both as well and was devastated when Scopley updated the wheel again and added tons of crap toons I thought my chances were over as I still dont even have pulled toons like camo chonne or yellow victor…but when erika was first promo and had got top 10 in a solo level up for five star tokens I pulled and finally got carl!!

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I have that Carl in my Chattahoochee region, and Shiva in both regions. Didn’t spend a dime to get any of them. Have faith, it’s possible.

I’ll just keep at it I guess. Maybe if trading was implemented, some of the people in my faction who have 5 or 6 could give me one :joy::joy::joy: wonder if that’ll ever happen…

Nope. Never

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