Gilmer region is now recruiting for player migration this summer

Gilmer is an original region with a great player base and good people. We get along well considering we are all from different walks of life. There is friendly banter but no real big drama. Consider joining us and growing with us!!

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You can copy our post too :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, we had GIlmer in the 4th(I think) CRW and they were fun. Good people over there, just confusing faction names lol


Yeah man y’all were beast for sure. We can hold our own against most but are welcome to any that want to give us a shot. DE is probably the toughest next to Gov of Pikes faction we faced

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It doesn’t matter if you are a number 1 or number 20 ranked, we just want people to have choices and mainly have fun playing again. We have around 25 active and dozens of low active factions. Would be nice to have a mix up of player types to compete against and make new friends

Hi everyone, hope more people are getting excited over region migration. It’s a good thing

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Also want to add we have a weapon crafting faction for all to use. It’s called Gilmers Armory. Just join craft/disassemble and go. It’s been great. It’s just a good way to build up lower factions with great rosters but never had the crafting area before.

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