Gilmer looking for help from the old region death call


If your looking for a region to play in we’d love to have you! We currently have about 3 maybe 4 full active factions (about 250 players-300~if you include their other accounts), they are happy all trying for top 2-5, I’m trying to convince them our region would be better\funner with smaller factions of say 8-10 players. The reason being 30-40 smaller factions with active people going at it is better then 5.

Anyway it’s easy to get top 25 in faction events, I did it in almost all events being a 1 man faction except war, being you need 6-8 players to war, for the last year give or take a month.
I’m finally up to 4 players been trying for more this past year, but like I said it’s a dieing region, so most want in the top 4. KÏLLÅSGRÅVÊYÅRD is my faction there is also a couple others looking as well, join whoever but please help save us!


It won’t cause they won’t be on at the second times during war. It’ll just be alot of bodies not actually any playing.



Our region being a older one has a mix from around the world so while yes it wouldn’t be 24hr thing we’d all lapse with being online maybe 2-3 times a day.
I don’t really know though because they are happy being the 1st-4th for now, but as seen in all dieing \dead region’s it’ll turn into just 2 faction teams.
Also why I’m trying to get others to join us in gilmer, maybe people will come back and play.


Yeah… they won’t. What’s that player supposed to do aside from being as bored as everyone else.

Developers need to build a solution. But they don’t care. This is a Shining example of terrible game life cycle management.


Yes developer’s should but they aren’t, so I’m trying a player approach. Plus others in older region’s have said they are doing it and it’s working for them, all though I think there said 10-20 people per faction. But I think we are to low right now for that.


Looking so start an alt. I can totally join you guys there.


How about mass raging against the developers.

I mean if there are enough of us. Which there are fewer everyday. But bump the merge thread daily. Make it so they can’t ignore. Ask players to get on the forums and share their disappointment.


This is our current level up actives 359. Granted it’s a level up, so there could be a few not doing it (I doubt it though) plus the 359 is some of the extra accounts others have made for old feeder factions.


How many are above a reasonable level?

If anyone thinks these <20k score players matter… They dont


I’d be happy to have yeah in the faction if you come. 2 faction members this is their second region as well. Currently we are two Aussies, one Asian, and me the Yankee.


Right. Well I’m gonna start the alt on my spare device.
But yeah, I’m game.


Aww man that would be the life here is a screenshot of my dying region


Lol dying.

Sir it is dead.


Well I’ll wait till last day to put points in and finish top 100. These level ups are not worth doing, in my opinion, I did what it took to get the character now I’m just going to do bare min for my not the needed part RNG they will give. Us 4 doing the one the other day came in 23rd with a little over 1mil


Yeah that’s already dead, it’s what I’m trying to avoid.
Also what region? You should try a recruitment thread like this.


In your region now. No clue who you are. As for my deleted post, I had a brainfart and replied to you on the wrong thread. Lmao.


Just wanted to ask again if anyone would like to come to our region


Why don’t you quit that region and join an active one? No point telling other people to jump on a sinking ship.


I play other region’s but this is the only one I spent money in.


Damn how many faction actually play in war there I’m in a old region we had 27 place last war