Gifting gear in faction

You know how we can buy transfer keys for our faction and it helps everyone? I think you guys should make it where we can gift gear to our faction memebers, and i don’t mean all members only the ones who need help, like select that person and send them a gift, like any piece of gear they need to help them out. For instance if someone need a holster and say I have 30, I can click there profile and click the item of gear and click gift to that one person. I’m just saying that would be nice so we can help the smaller people in our faction with their toons grow because it’s hard for someone starting out and it takes a long time to get good enough to get everything.

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Never gonna happen. Closest thing we’ll get to giving out is maybe some ammo belts if we’re lucky.

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Probably right but it would be nice, like i said it’s hard for smaller people to get good enough to get everything and it takes a long time sometimes to get everything you need to max out ascended toons

Scopely preffer the players buy the gear, sad but true

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So much potential for abuse. What’s to stop someone from creating 29 alts, who can all run through the gear maps every week, and transfer the gear they collect to their main account? Within a week someone will write a macro on an emulator to automate it.


Please don’t flood the forum, your character idea is against Apple TOS and therefore it won’t happen

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