Gift a crossbone to everyone

Come on Scopely. I need just one more :disappointed_relieved:. For the hordes event and all the players who could not complete it and take a crossbone. At least an offer (coins ) with a 100% guaranteed of a crossbone.


There was an offer of 900 coins 2 days ago with at least one guaranteed crossbone. Keep checking the offers.


I need that offer right now. I didn’t have the coins back then.

Just hope that offer pop up again.

20$ and it’s yours


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely do we get another chance for crossbones apart from the 20$ offer?

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for 900 coins right now in the store?!?


Yeah. I got Piper but I have a lot of crossbones and no masks, bandages or lucilles :disappointed_relieved:

i’m tempted :thinking::thinking::thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Give me those crossbones I will give you the other items :sweat_smile:

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I have a 900 coin for a crossbone or more up now

Im still going to try for the 17 masks i need before going that route though lol

Give everyone 65 masks lucilles or bandages for a free roadmap. (I wasted mine and realized I need like 26 more.

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Gift everyone a team of T4LVL90 Payback Negans


Still locked out of my account, no toons, 20k, or Benedict’s for me.

HELL NO. I raided a team with a payback negan and managed to kill him. Im guessing his AR wasn’t leveled up all the way.

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