Ghosting change?


Looks like its been removed. (losing resources under 10% of your max)
Does that mean players who have retired are eligible for being raided again, too?


Ha awesome always hated ghosting.


You are 100% sure you are not on a revenge list somewhere?


They still wouldnt have be able to take resources below 10% of max.
So maybe that’s the only change. Ghosting Resources is gone.


Gotcha, I see what you are saying now. Person had under 10% of total resources but still lost resources. I will be on the look out for this as well


I think it might be more of a glitch, ive had this happen on and off for awhile now, but not every time i get raided.

It will be a random amount of materials here and there and other times nothing also it never seems to take food off of me.


Seems fine to me.


each time you switch defense you can be raided